IneoQuest Introduces New QAM and MPEG Metadata Analysis Products, Setting Industry Price Performance Benchmark

Cricket(TM) QAM Plus and IQDialogue(TM) Secondary Services Server Edition Offer Powerful Monitoring Features for Network Operators of All Sizes

COLOGNE, GERMANY--(Marketwire - May 26, 2009) - ANGA TRADE FAIR - IneoQuest Technologies, Inc., the leading global supplier of High Availability Video Programming test and measurement and quality assurance solutions, today announced the new Cricket™ QAM Plus, the world's first value-priced advanced RF QAM / MPEG monitoring and analysis tool, and IQDialogue™ Secondary Services Server Edition, a server-based solution for MPEG ancillary metadata analysis. These two highly advanced products are the latest in a new class of innovative, cost-effective tools that emphasize the company's commitment to making practical, affordable monitoring and test solutions available to any size network operator.

About Cricket QAM Plus

The Cricket QAM Plus is an extremely affordable remote QAM and MPEG monitoring and analysis tool that enables cable network operators to monitor, analyze, debug, and resolve video quality issues at hub sites or the subscriber premise. This completely new RF intelligent network probe features advanced physical layer measurements typically found on significantly higher priced products. Features include:

--  Up to two QAM tuners per unit: the best price and monitoring coverage
    in the market, less than the cost of competitors' single QAM tuners
--  Advanced QAM metrics including Constellation diagram, RF power level,
    frequency offset, symbol rate offset, BER and MER
--  1GHz HFC cable plant support
--  MPEG monitoring and analysis at no additional cost

About IQDialogue Secondary Services Server Edition

IQDialogue Secondary Services Server Edition is a new, server-based solution that provides monitoring, alarming, and reporting of the MPEG metadata required to ensure proper operation of ancillary data services including interactive video, closed captioning, and emergency broadcast alerts. With IQDialogue Secondary Services Server Edition, providers can leverage a seamless, end-to-end monitoring solution to ensure FCC compliance, and quality delivery of this metadata. Features include:

--  Real-time monitoring, decoding, reporting and alarming on more streams
    of ancillary services (metadata) than any other market solution
--  A simple, web-based user interface eliminating the need for special
    client software
--  Support for up to four, 1Gb interfaces for the ultimate high-density
    monitoring solution -- saving space, time, and resources

"Cricket QAM Plus and IQDialogue Secondary Services Server Edition were designed to help video providers deliver the highest possible viewer quality at the best price performance point," explained Calvin Harrison, VP of Marketing and Business Development for IneoQuest Technologies. "As interactive video and other next-generation services become part of the mainstream, the need for cost-effective, end-to-end quality and revenue assurance solutions for providers that deliver these services is becoming more crucial."

IneoQuest is now accepting requests to demonstrate the new Cricket QAM Plus and IQDialogue Secondary Services Server Edition, live at the ANGA Trade Fair in Cologne, Germany, May 26-28, 2009. To reserve your demo time, please send an e-mail to The Cricket QAM Plus and IQDialogue Secondary Services Server Edition are available now. For pricing and availability, please e-mail

About IneoQuest Technologies

IneoQuest Technologies, Inc., providers of the industry's first and only High Availability Video Programming solution that audits, monitors, analyzes and troubleshoots digital video from a multi-dimensional perspective, has been serving customers in the telephony, cable, broadcast and network equipment industries since 2001. The company's comprehensive, multi-dimensional video quality management systems enable Revenue Assurance™ through the seamless delivery of digital video by reducing video defects and operational expenses, improving ROI, and increasing profits while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction. Headquartered in Mansfield, Massachusetts, IneoQuest has sales operations in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. More information is available at

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IneoQuest's new Cricket QAM Plus, the industry's first dual-tuner remote QAM and MPEG monitoring and analysis network probe.