EcoDog Receives Angel Funding From California Energy Executive

Recognizing Opportunities for Consumer Savings and Demand Reduction, Former SDG&E Chairman Tom Page Invests in Home Energy Watchdog Startup

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - June 17, 2009) - EcoDog, Inc. (, a clean tech innovator in home energy efficiency and monitoring, has received an initial round of angel funding from energy veteran Tom Page, retired head of San Diego Gas & Electric and Enova Corp and an active investor in energy-related businesses. According to EcoDog CEO Ron Pitt, "EcoDog's executives have funded the company through the recently completed beta testing phase of our FIDO Home Energy Watchdog system. So far, we've received a great deal of interest from potential sales channels and are now ready to launch a more extensive pilot program that requires additional funding. This investment is the first piece of a $5.6 million venture round that will be completed by year's end. We appreciate Tom's confidence in our developments and feel that his extensive understanding of these markets will also be a tremendous asset for EcoDog."

EcoDog's FIDO Home Energy Watchdog system consists of easy-to-use energy monitoring software along with hardware interface modules for the breaker panel and computer. The system allows users to see exactly how their power is consumed on an hourly, daily or monthly basis, for each room in the home and makes easy to understand recommendations about how to maximize savings. This enables users to save money by receiving caution notices to avoid higher billing tiers and identifying "energy hogs" in the home as well as malfunctioning appliances. As Smart Meters are rolled out across the country, the system will allow users to avoid expensive Time of Use surcharges while giving utilities the benefit of reduced demand for electricity at peak times.

Noted Tom Page, "Many companies are focusing on alternative sources of energy, new generation options, utility controls during peak periods and other means to meet growing demand, but EcoDog is addressing Demand Reduction from the consumer point of view. Their FIDO system gives customers ultimate control of their utility bills. I look forward to watching the progress as EcoDog brings their technology to market."

EcoDog, Inc. is committed to designing, building and making available the tools necessary to easily and affordably take control of energy consumption to reduce homeowners' expenses while lowering demand for electricity.

Contact Information: Corporate Contact: Susan Connell VP Marketing EcoDog, Inc. 760-842-5941 Media Contact: PJ Jennings Jennings & Associates Communications, Inc. 760-471-7376