Mi-Co Announces Partnership With Briggs to Provide Electronic Home Care Documentation

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC--(Marketwire - July 16, 2009) - Software developer Mi-Co today announced a partnership with leading healthcare supplier Briggs Corporation that will reduce errors and redundant data in home care patient care documentation, while increasing the speed of reimbursements to agencies and other home care providers.

The partnership incorporates Briggs' industry-standard OASIS forms with the Mi-Co technology platform to produce a comprehensive electronic solution to healthcare's pressing need for more accuracy, increased efficiency and faster forms processing.

Mi-Co technology will integrate its electronic solutions with all of Briggs OASIS-compliant content. Mi-Co complements Briggs to create an exclusive offering no other partnership has been able to provide, specifically in the home health care market.

"We are excited to unveil a new home care electronic solution to our customers that will change the way home health agencies operate and better serve their patients," said Kevin Robbins, Briggs' Vice President of e-Products. "Mi-Co's technology provides the necessary flexibility that allows Briggs to offer our customers unique electronic healthcare solutions. I am confident this partnership will continue to deliver solutions like this and the results needed to take our paper forms to the next level."

"At Mi-Co, we are very impressed with Briggs' long history of providing high quality documentation in home care and other healthcare markets," said Melissa Neal, Vice President of Sales at Mi-Co. "Briggs has a deep understanding of their customers and works diligently to assist them to improve outcomes and the quality of care delivered to their patients. We're very pleased to support the other half of this breakthrough solution."

About Mi-Co

Mi-Co, a leading provider of mobile data collection solutions, provides software to automate paper forms-based business processes. Mi-Co's enterprise Mi-Forms Software System provides flexible electronic forms design for data capture using digital ink and has proven capabilities for handwriting interpretation and verification, data validation and the communication of forms-based data. Mi-Forms support Tablet PCs, Digital Pens, Pocket PCs, signature capture devices and industry standard software technologies. Mi-Co reaches historically paperwork intensive markets such as healthcare and government and supports an extensive network of channel partners. The company is headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina with a customer service center in Seattle, Washington. For more information on Mi-Co, visit www.mi-corporation.com

About Briggs

Briggs Medical Service Company is a leading supplier to more than 50,000 healthcare customers in the senior care, home care, acute care, physician and retail markets. Briggs produces and distributes more than 10,000 products including proprietary medical forms and documentation systems, durable and disposable medical supplies, charting materials and professional resources. Backed by clinical experience and regulatory knowledge, the company develops and markets products that are designed to improve clinical outcomes and reduce operating costs. The company has extensive international production capabilities and serves customers in five continents. For more information about Briggs, visit www.briggscorp.com

Contact Information: Media Contact: Melissa Neal Vice President of Sales 888-621-6230 Media Contact: Brooke Kelley Public Relations Specialist 1-800-247-2343