Mochi Media Announces Launch of Mochi Coins, a New Premium Flash Game Platform

The World's Largest Online Games Network Develops Micro-Transaction Platform for High-Quality Flash Games

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - July 21, 2009) - Mochi Media, the largest online games network, today announced the release of Mochi Coins, a new micro-transaction and distribution platform for Flash games that enables game developers and site publishers to generate revenue from virtual goods in high-quality games. Mochi Coins is the latest offering in the company's Flash developer suite which includes its industry-leading advertising, distribution and analytics products in use by over 10,000 developers.

Mochi Coins is a hassle-free solution for developers to deliver virtual goods and upgrades directly into their games, allowing gamers to purchase new levels, weapon or accessory packs, characters and much more, regardless of what site the game is being played on. Gamers are able to make purchases through multiple payment methods from PayPal and credit card, to offers from Super Rewards with further plans to expand to additional channels such as mobile and retail store cards. Like Mochi Media's advertising platform, developers using Mochi Coins will be able to monetize their games, no matter where they are played on the Web. In the Mochi Coins program, game developers retain 60 percent of revenue from paid transactions. Site publishers distributing these games will receive an affiliate fee from gamer transactions taking place from their site.

Mochi Coins launched today with a lineup of 14 games created by the industry's leading developers with more games to be released in coming months:

--  Castle Wars Multiplayer, created by Mads Lundemo
--  ClickSum, created by Nick Harper
--  Crazy Go Nuts 2, created by Funderoo
--  Hitstick 4, created by Pyrozen
--  Kahoots, created by Gimme5Games
--  Little Farm, created by MumboJumbo
--  Minions on Ice, created by Casual Collective
--  Plant Pong Deluxe, created by The Pencil Farm
--  Pupzzle, created by Pencil Kids
--  SAS: Zombie Assault 2, created by Ninja Kiwi
--  Shadez 2, created by Sean Cooper (coming soon)
--  Space Pips, created by Wayne Marsh
--  Twin Shot 2, created by Nitrome
--  Windosill, created by Vectorpark

Game developer Ninja Kiwi, creator of the popular "Bloons" series, has been a beta participant with Mochi Coins since mid-June with their game "SAS: Zombie Assault 2." The game was launched on their games portal, and has since seen more than 50,000 completed transactions for premium weapon packs and level upgrades. The game was initially launched in mid-June on their site, and during the beta period has generated revenues of $7-10 per thousand game plays on the site.

"Mochi Media has been a longtime partner of ours through their analytics and advertising platforms. We are thrilled to extend the partnership to micro-transactions, with full confidence in the quality and reliability of Mochi Media's products," said Chris Harris, co-founder and game designer at Ninja Kiwi. "Based on our early success with 'SAS: Zombie Assault 2,' Mochi Coins looks to be a game-changer for the Flash games industry."

"Mochi Media's mission has always been to fuel the creativity of Flash games, and Mochi Coins represents the natural next step for us to build upon our success with analytics and monetization through ads," said Jameson Hsu, Chief Mochi at Mochi Media. "Micro-transactions are well suited to the emerging class of premium Flash games that are immersive, high quality and keep you playing over and over. The developer community's response to Mochi Coins has been overwhelmingly positive, as we can deliver a highly profitable and an easy-to-implement service, enabling developers to focus on making great games."

Developers can find more details and apply for admission to the Mochi Coins program at

About Mochi Media

Mochi Media is the world's largest casual online game network, serving the needs of thousands of Flash developers, reaching over 100 million unique users each month with a library of over 14,000 games, and enabling advertisers to reach engaged consumers with targeted display, text and video ads. The company's Flash game development products and services provide developers with tools to track distribution and usage analytics, enable version control and live updates to distributed games, and provide monetization via micro-transactions and real-time insertion of pre-game and in-game ads. Mochi Media's developers gain distribution opportunities to over 30,000 Web sites, as well as monetization opportunities by sharing in the ad and micro-transaction revenue generated by their games. Mochi Media is headquartered in downtown San Francisco.

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