National Online Community Web Site Launches to Protect Business Owners From Debt, Bankruptcy & Collections

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwire - July 21, 2009) - The new "Angie's List" of the business world recently created an online community to protect small business owners from economic danger. is a Web site where "non-payers" get listed and stay there until they pay! Become a member:

According to PayRisk founders, business owners need a place where they can go to collect their debts without getting into heated financial lawsuits. " is a place where business owners can collect their debts, publish information regarding who owes them money, attempt to collect via the site and search the database for protection from those who have a series of outdated collection issues."

PayRisk founders said that with the current economy, it's imperative businesses collect payments. According to a recent USA TODAY article, "If a nationwide trend seen since January holds true, more than 300 businesses will file for bankruptcy -- today alone." Moreover, "the first five months of this year have shown a 52 percent increase in the total number of commercial bankruptcy filings (36,106) compared with the same period last year (28,829), according to the Automated Access to Court Electronic Records. On average thus far in 2009, some 350 commercial enterprises file for bankruptcy daily -- an increase of 240 percent from 2006, the first year after the bankruptcy law was changed." (USA TODAY)

PayRisk founders say that bankruptcy is the worst option for business owners who need to collect money to pay their own debts. " will link us to one community that will help protect all of us from thieves. I hope everyone will join the community, so we are all PAYRISK PROTECTED," said PayRisk founders.

A special value membership is offered to the first 100,000 members for a cost of $199 for the first six months with an additional six months for free. More flexible monthly and quarterly billing options are also available. These memberships include unlimited listings for collection and unlimited search capabilities for protection. Pay Per Search memberships are also offered for a single charge of $2.99 for each search conducted. was created by entrepreneurs, business owners and business professionals to provide a low-cost, efficient method of collecting debts via an online community. Information is shared with PayRisk members to avoid non-paying customers. is an objective, third-party Web site and provides accurate, unbiased information to members. PayRisk is not responsible for its members' information, collections, debt and/or lawsuits.

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