Demand for Kaon's Cost-Saving Virtual Solutions Escalates; CommScope, LightRiver Technologies, Saturn Business Systems, and Stratus Technologies Latest to Employ Solutions

Interactive Technologies Are Helping Companies Trim $40K - $400K off Annual Tradeshow and Event Costs

MAYNARD, MA--(Marketwire - July 21, 2009) - As companies strive to cut costs while enhancing the customer experience, many are now turning to Kaon Interactive, Inc., creators of 3D interactive sales and marketing solutions that bring products to life. Kaon helps marketers and sales teams differentiate and communicate solutions and product advantages and messaging by delivering dynamic interactive product models and solutions demonstrations.

CommScope, LightRiver Technologies, Saturn Business Systems, and Stratus Technologies are among those who have recently adopted Kaon's interactive technology, leveraging virtual experiences in a variety of venues. Most commonly used at tradeshows and in executive briefing centers on the award-winning Kaon v-OSK® touchscreen appliance, as well as on websites and sales teams' laptops, Kaon's solutions increase customer and prospect engagement with products and solutions, resulting in improved customer knowledge, increasing sales, and significantly enhancing brand loyalty.

Cost savings are achieved because the products can be presented virtually at the live venue (without being connected to the internet), thereby drastically reducing or eliminating the need to ship physical products (which are often large and/or expensive) to geographically dispersed tradeshows and sales presentations. As a result, shipping costs, drayage, and booth size are all reduced. Often overlooked is the need for product experts to travel to tradeshows and customer venues to perform product set-up and operation -- all of which adds significantly to the cost of these events. With the Kaon solution, these travel expenses are considerably lessened, further reducing these event costs. Also, fewer printed materials are necessary as the virtual experiences can be downloaded directly onto a USB drive for customers from the Kaon v-OSK. In addition to cost savings, these benefits also offer companies a far more green approach to presenting products. Actual cost-saving examples and figures currently being realized by Kaon customers can be found here.

Andrew Solutions, a CommScope company, which participates in three large tradeshows and 60-plus customer road shows each year, was looking for a new, innovative way to not only stand out from their competition, but to reduce the cost of their tradeshow expenditures. When presented with the Kaon solution, it was evident that they could provide a cost-effective, compelling and engaging experience to their customers without having their products physically present. Andrew now has seven Kaon v-OSKs that showcase more than 60 virtual product models.

"Our goal was to create a better customer experience at tradeshows and road shows, and the best way to do that was to enable our customers and prospects to interact with our people, products and solutions in an innovative, cutting-edge fashion," said Bill Casey, vice president, marketing, Andrew. "As a result, we are no longer taking any physical products to our tradeshows and road shows because Kaon's technology enables us to showcase our products with such realism. Yet, even with no physical products present, we're able to showcase many more products than before and, more importantly, highlight features and solutions in an engaging manner with customers. In terms of sales opportunities, cost savings and brand positioning, this has been a solid investment."

President and CEO of Kaon Interactive, Gavin Finn, said, "The number one management focus in today's market is to reduce costs, while attempting to maintain or extend sales and marketing footprints. The pressure for marketers to deliver superior results is greater than ever. Our solutions not only offer a means of meeting cost reduction objectives, they also help companies deliver a far more compelling and engaging experience to their customers, resulting in an improvement in sales and marketing effectiveness and efficiency."

Recent Kaon accolades include:

--  Winner of the EXHIBITOR 2009 and 2008 'Buyers Choice' Awards
--  Named a "Must-See" product in the March 2009 issue of Exhibit City
--  Winner of the Trade Show Executive Magazine's International
    'Innovation' Award
--  Named one of "10 Technologies Changing Event Marketing" by Event
    Marketer Magazine
--  Winner of The MITX (Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange)
    'Interactive/Online Business' Award

About Kaon Interactive

Kaon Interactive, Inc. creates visually compelling, interactive sales and marketing solutions that bring products to life. Kaon's 3D realism enables product manufacturers, distributors and retailers to deliver a rich, engaging customer experience by combining compelling product interactivity with relevant product information and messaging, resulting in an experience that is closest to an 'in-store' encounter, increasing the likelihood to purchase.

Founded in 1996, Kaon is dedicated to helping companies improve their marketing and sales effectiveness by clearly differentiating and communicating product offerings, shortening the buying cycle, reducing marketing and printing costs, and enhancing the knowledge of customers, sales teams and channels. Kaon has deployed more than 1,000 interactive applications to a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies.

Kaon is privately held, with corporate headquarters in Maynard, Massachusetts and a West Coast sales and service office in San Diego, California and a Central sales and service office in Austin, Texas. To 'experience' a demo and learn more about Kaon, visit

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