Humana Praises Norvax Health Insurance Technology

Leading Insurance-Provider Humana Praised the Quoting Tools and Technology Provided by Norvax, Inc., the Nation's Leading Insurance Technology Solution

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - July 26, 2009) - Humana is one of the country's largest providers of health insurance, offering a range of innovative plans, options, and deductible levels to make it easy for individuals to choose and use their benefits.

To empower consumers in the shopping process, Humana has partnered with Norvax, Inc. a leader in the health insurance technology solutions industry.

"Our partnership allows consumers and brokers to access rates, manage business, apply online and effectively comparison shop in the individual major medical marketplace," said an agency executive at HumanaOne National Accounts.

As change takes place in the individual market, it's critical for brokers and consumers alike to leverage technology when shopping for health insurance.

"We value Norvax as a partner that strives for accuracy in displaying our product content and rates, as well as making timely updates as our product portfolio and rates change, so consumers and brokers have the most current information at their fingertips," added the HumanaOne executive.

"Like Humana, we have long believed Internet-based technologies that provide a complete shopping experience is the best solution consumers looking for health insurance," said Rohit Ganguly, the Quality Assurance Manager at Norvax, Inc. "Humana is a great partner in the effort to make the shopping experience more streamline, especially in light of the potential health reform changes."

Agents and brokers all across the country use the Norvax insurance quote engine to provide instant quotes for HumanaOne plans. Consumers can access this technology directly through Norvax's consumer website

About Norvax, Inc.

Norvax is a leading developer of web-based sales automation and marketing tools that connect and help consumers, insurance brokers, agents and carriers transact health insurance business more efficiently. Founded in 2001, Norvax was named among the Top 20 fastest-growing software companies in the U.S. in both 2007 and 2008 by Inc Magazine.

About HumanaOne

HumanaOne offers financially-minded consumers peace of mind, greater savings, and customer care. HumanaOne empowers consumers and brokers with the choice and flexibility to customize your plan, a wide network of doctors, and friendly Humana Customer Care and Broker Support Teams that provide guidance to make informed health care decisions.

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