Chicago Nightclub Bottle Service Phenomena at Sound-Bar

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - August 17, 2009) - Bottle service is a practice that has its origins in Europe and has taken the US by storm in the recent years. The way it works is that you have a personal bartender that makes your drinks while you sit in a designated section at a table in a special often roped off premier section or a VIP lounge in the club. Instead of battling the crowd for a spot at the bar with no place to sit, you have a server prepare you drinks at your table the way you like them in a relaxed environment. Bottles of liquor, garnishes, ice glasses and mixers are brought to the table after you order and the server then makes your cocktail right in front of you to your specific liking.

This comes often at a premium, where bottles can range from $250 in a Chicago nightclub to upwards of $500 at hotspots in Vegas or NYC.

A bottle, often only 750 ml instead of 1000 ml used by the bartender, makes about 15 drinks and with prices for drinks at $9 to $15 depending on the venue this is hardly a bargain. As Rainer Zach, director of operations for the Sound-Bar Group that owns Chicago bottle service hotspots Y, Sound-Bar and Crescendo, explains, "There are good reasons people are paying the premium. Our bottle service guests don't have to wait in line when they get to the door, they get greeted by the host, whisked past the line and brought to their table. They sit in the most desirable area of the club, roped off and inaccessible for the average patron. They don't mind paying extra for the special treatment. Seen and be seen and the status to sit in the VIP section is what counts to them."

Zach, who made a name for himself managing fine dining establishments in Manhattan, says that when he opened Y and Sound-Bar in 2004, he did it with what he calls the "fine-dancing" approach, a word he coined from the fine-dining term in the restaurant world.

Hailing from Germany and familiar with Bottle service from his early days there, Zach figured that applying exceptional service to the bottle service concept would be a winner. His success with Sound-Bar, Y and Crescendo and the 50% total revenue that the bottle service clientele account for speak for itself. "Even in this economy people are willing to feel special and to receive exceptional service in a Chicago nightclub or a Chicago upscale lounge environment."

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