AlgoSec Provides Auditors and Security Consultants New Revenue Opportunities and Greater Flexibility

New Online Store Offers Traveling Licenses, New Pricing and Technology Options

RESTON, VA--(Marketwire - August 20, 2009) - AlgoSec, the leading provider of Firewall Operations and Security Risk Management solutions, today announced that the company has created an online store for auditors and security consultants seeking low-cost, project-related AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer (AFA) Traveling Licenses. AlgoSec's intelligent automation technology provides the industry's most complete and efficient auditing and analysis of even the most complex firewall policy environments.

AlgoSec AFA Traveling Licenses are available for credit card purchase from the AlgoSec online store in three different options: the AlgoSec Audit License, AlgoSec Consultant License, and AlgoSec Cleanup License.

"Auditors and security consultants are frequently sourced by their clients to perform specific project-based tasks that may not necessarily require them to engage on a long-term basis. In these scenarios, it is challenging for them to justify investments in comprehensive technology solutions that may provide more than they really need at that particular point in time," said Yuval Baron, co-founder and CEO of AlgoSec. "For this reason, we've created the AFA Traveling Licenses to afford them with flexible technology options that provide the functionality they need at a price point that makes sense. This helps to eliminate financial barriers to entry and gives our auditor and consultant customers the ability to go after business which in the past may have eluded them."

"I've found the AFA to be an extremely high-performing solution that addresses several important areas of concern for my clients," said a professional consultant from KPMG that used AFA for his consultancy services and saved a significant amount of time. "Clients have been very impressed with AlgoSec's easy to follow reports and the accuracy of the tool's auditing and analysis capabilities, not to mention its ability to discover ports that were thought to be closed, but were not. And now with the new licensing arrangements, it will be easier for me utilize AlgoSec technology and continue to pass these advantages down to those clients."

The AlgoSec Audit License and Consultant License each deliver compliance reports for PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and SOX on a single out-of-the-box report. Additionally, each license automatically analyzes the routing tables and firewall topology to generate risk analysis and risky rules reports that take into account the specific security zones of the customer.

The AlgoSec Cleanup License is targeted at firewall policy optimization and cleanup projects. Through an analysis of the rules and logs AFA helps identify unused, redundant and covered rules and objects. It also includes a unique intelligent rule reordering recommendation to improve performance.

A new server and firewall migration license is also offered to support consolidation, virtualization and migration projects such as server and firewall consolidation into virtual environments and migration between multiple firewall vendors.

Pricing begins at U.S. $470.00 with additional pricing information available in the AlgoSec online store at: To request a specialty Discount Coupon, contact

About AlgoSec

AlgoSec is the leading provider of Firewall Operations and Security Risk Management solutions. AlgoSec's® exclusive technology is optimized for enterprises, MSPs, auditors and consultants to quantifiably increase their operational effectiveness. More than 300 leading organizations such as Cisco, BP, Visa, Nokia, IBM, Vodafone, NASDAQ, KPMG, E&Y, Deloitte, and PwC have selected AlgoSec's products -- AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer and FireFlow™ -- to intelligently automate what where traditionally manual, time- and labor-intensive tasks surrounding firewall, router and VPN management. This translates to significant cost savings and greater output for organizations without increasing headcount. AlgoSec also allows IT organizations to get more from their current infrastructures by extending the lifespan of existing security devices.

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