Mobile Device Capability Available in Latest Release of Popular Room and Resource Scheduling Software

All Scheduling Products in the Dean Evans & Associates "EMS" Line Now Web-Accessible Through Cell Phone Browser and Optional Virtual EMS(TM) Interface

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - August 21, 2009) - Dean Evans & Associates ( today announced the official rollout of new versions of their facility scheduling and resource management products. Used at more than 3,600 customer sites in the U.S. and abroad, EMS (Event Management System) software provides powerful tools for helping organizations be more efficient at reserving rooms, resources and personnel for meetings and events, managing resource inventories and communicating details to staff, meeting organizers and attendees.

"While Virtual EMS Mobile™, our new mobile device capability, was originally envisioned for use by business travelers who needed to request space at their company's facilities while on the road, it has been added to all of our scheduling products and will be a useful tool for customers in all the industries we serve," says Ed Nowak, the company's director of product development.

Virtual EMS Mobile allows users of most newer generation cell phones (including those running Windows Mobile®, BlackBerry® devices and iPhones®) to access a cell phone-optimized version of the optional Virtual EMS web interface in order to:

--  Make single-day room requests for up to seven days into the future
--  View a list of their requests for this week and the following week
--  Cancel requests

Other features in the latest releases include significant catering enhancements (such as the ability to define Production Areas), additional real estate utilization reporting and "business intelligence" capability, and new academic scheduling functionality.

Detailed information on the new versions of each of the products in the EMS suite is available now in free webinars (, directly from the company's sales representatives and at

About Dean Evans & Associates

Founded in 1986 and based in Denver, Dean Evans & Associates offers a line of sophisticated software systems for shared workspace management (office "hoteling"), facility scheduling, resource management, academic scheduling and online calendaring. Their Event Management System (EMS) products are ideal for booking the space, services and resources needed for events as well as for maintaining a web-based master calendar. Thousands of organizations, including four of the six largest U.S. banks, more than a dozen Fortune 100 companies and hundreds of higher education institutions, religious organizations, hospitals, conference centers, cultural venues and sports facilities rely on EMS software. Detailed product information is available at Or contact the company at 800-440-3994 ext. 863, or

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