Biolog Announces Record Sales

HAYWARD, CA--(Marketwire - August 26, 2009) - Biolog, Inc. announced today record sales for its fiscal year ending June 30. It closed the year with a record sales month in June and a record fourth quarter. This growth was accomplished in spite of the worldwide economic downturn, which also affected Biolog's customer base.

"We are very proud of our results over the last year," said Barry Bochner, Ph.D., Biolog's CEO and CSO. "I attribute our strong year during these challenging economic times to three factors. First, our company has a unique technology base and product line as the leading company in phenotypic testing of cells. Even in a year when budgets were tight, scientists wanted to purchase our GEN III Microbial Identification System™ and our Phenotype MicroArray (PM) Systems™. Second, our sales are diversified internationally. Biolog has customers in over 60 countries and this diversification is especially important during economic downturns. Third, I would cite the improved performance of Biolog's sales and marketing team."

Biolog's GEN III System is built around a single test panel that can identify both Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria without a Gram stain. Biolog is the only company to make this breakthrough in simplification, which saves customers time and money. Furthermore, the GEN III System is more accurate, as it can identify 1,044 species whereas other competing systems identify only about 300.

Biolog's revolutionary PM Systems allow testing of thousands of phenotypes across a wide range of cell types, from microbial to human cells. Adoption of this technology continues to grow as additional applications are developed. More than 200 scientific publications and presentations document the important and unique impact this technology is having on many aspects of biological research and development.

Along with record sales, which grew by 16%, Biolog also reported another profitable year. The company has been profitable in all but a few of its 26 years in operation.

About Biolog:

Biolog is a privately held company based in Hayward, CA, that continues to pioneer in the development of powerful new cell analysis tools for solving critical problems in biological, pharmaceutical, and biotechnological research and development. It is the world leader in cell phenotyping technology. Biolog's redox-based technology is unique in its broad applicability to cells -- this includes bacterial cells and fungal cells as well as animal cells. More than 200 scientific publications and presentations document the effectiveness and productivity of PM technology. The PM product line adds to the innovative microbial identification products offered by the company, such as the new GEN III System. Biolog products are available worldwide, either directly from the company or through its extensive network of international distributors. Further information can be obtained at Biolog's website,

Contact Information: For more information contact: Susan Murphy (510) 785-2564 ext.360