Ecliptek Customers Can Now Use Competitor Part Numbers on Homepage to Identify Alternatives in Stock

Immediate Access to Competitor Cross Reference Tool Further Reduces Time Required to Find Crystal and Oscillator Inventory

COSTA MESA, CA--(Marketwire - August 26, 2009) - In response to the scores of customer requests to enhance the initial release, Ecliptek Corporation has further streamlined their Competitor Cross Reference tool, giving users the ability to rapidly identify alternative products that are in stock. The company's website home page now includes direct input into the innovative tool and enables customers to type in any manufacturer's frequency part number and receive search results from Ecliptek.

"With the global economic recovery strengthening, customers are now seeking immediate inventory solutions, as traditional factory lead times have been unable to meet the renewed demands," exclaimed Robert Zarrow, Ecliptek Vice President of Sales. "Given everyone's limited resources, we owe it to our customers to keep improving our website to allow them instant access to the information they need to efficiently do their jobs."

With well over a million competitor part numbers available already, Ecliptek pairs its alternative offering to the searched part number. Once the Ecliptek part number is identified, users will be able to view available inventory, part specific data sheets, and RoHS status. Ecliptek's Quick Quote and Sample Request tools are directly linked as well.

While Ecliptek may not have initially loaded every conceivable crystal and oscillator part number, the company has provided a quick and easy method for customers to request crosses for competitor part numbers that are not already indexed. New Cross Reference Requests will be personally responded to within one business day. Ecliptek will also add any resulting recommended crosses to the existing index for general public access.

"We are convinced that Ecliptek has keyed in on the fastest and most efficient way to find crystals and oscillators," proclaimed Zarrow. "Ecliptek is at the vanguard of web based tools that set the standard for optimization and ease of use."

Ecliptek's initial release of the comprehensive Competitor Cross Reference earlier this month resulted in an unprecedented torrent of positive feedback from both engineering and purchasing customers. The consensus indicated that shifting the search field to the Ecliptek Corporation homepage would increase the tool's effectiveness.

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