Rock Hard Atelier(tm) Announces Launch of Day-to-Night Dresses for the Girl That Rocks Hard

Official Runway Show Debut to Take Place At Nolcha Fashion Week On September 16th 2009 At The Bohemian National Hall

Baldwin, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Sept. 9, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rock Hard Atelier(tm), "multi-function, multi-wear" dresses for young females with a social agenda, is proud to announce the launch of a new trend setting line of women's apparel. The line features "day-to-night" dresses allowing for the addition or subtraction of elements to transform the look and function of the garment. A key function of the dresses is the snapping necklines. The Sophia dress has a silk chiffon boat neck that unsnaps to become a strapless dress. The collection is based on the female form, playing with shape and lines to flatter the body in a fresh and unexpected way.

"It's every designer's greatest dream to see their collection come to fruition, especially to be launched during New York's prestigious fashion week," said Emily Brickel, CEO and Creative Director of Rock Hard Atelier, LTD. "Fashion lines that envelop change and a call to action on environmental issues are few and Rock Hard Atelier(tm) is proud to be one to embrace the eco-friendly revolution within the fashion industry."

The Rock Hard Atelier(tm) Spring 2010 collection will be featured at 7:30 PM EDT on September 16th 2009 at The Bohemian National Hall in NYC. For more information on the Nolcha fashion show, visit:

Additional information on Rock Hard Atelier(tm) visit:

About Rock Hard Atelier:

ROCK HARD ATELIER is "Day-to-night" dresses for the young professional with a social agenda. It is "multi-function, multi-wear", in which you can add or subtract elements to transform the look and function of the garment. Providing socially responsible, eco-friendly clothing, ROCK HARD ATELIER is manufactured in New York City and contributes a percentage of proceeds to charity. The brand will debut Fall Fashion Week 2009 NYC.

The Rock Hard Atelier, LTD. logo is available at

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