Cellular Specialties Introduces the First Simulcasted In-Building Location-Based Tracking Solution

Co-Pilot Beacon Fills In-Building GPS or Cell Tower Triangulation Void -- Identifying Location Down to 50 Meters

MANCHESTER, NH--(Marketwire - September 14, 2009) -  Cellular Specialties, Inc. (CSI), a recognized leader in the design and implementation of in-building wireless solutions and digital amplification products, today unveiled the Co-Pilot Beacon, the first viable location-based solution for simulcast CDMA Distributed Antenna Systems (DASs). The Co-Pilot Beacon is designed to improve location accuracy of cell phones and wireless devices outdoors and within buildings.

Under typical indoor conditions, methods for location determination, such as direct reception of GPS by the mobile station or triangulation using the signals from multiple base stations, are not sufficient. Scott Goodrich, president of CSI's Product Division, explains further, "While indoors, accurately determining a mobile device's location has been virtually impossible. GPS signals are very weak and the cell phones' GPS receivers take too long to lock onto satellites if they can lock on at all. DAS based deployments have too many signals with imprecise timing which impairs the performance of current location determining systems."

By placing Co-Pilot Beacons in selected locations, the mobile devices quickly and reliably receive fixed location references that allow the network to determine a handset or cell phone's specific location. This information can then be used to aid the GPS receiver in acquiring signals if they are present or it can be used directly as a position report until more accurate information becomes available.

The Co-Pilot Beacon is an ideal solution for college campuses, hospitals, malls, stadiums, warehouses or mid-sized to large office environments seeking to improve public safety or location based services (LBS) by enhancing cell phone location determination. Co-Pilot Beacon features include:

  • 100% handset compatibility with all CDMA phones
  • Ability to optimize location resolution for the needs of the site by simply adjusting the number of Co-Pilot Beacons installed
  • Compatible with virtually all indoor and outdoor repeater/DAS solutions
  • Full coverage for all of a provider's CDMA channels from a single Co-Pilot Beacon

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Cellular Specialties, Inc. (CSI) is driven to be a world-class organization that delivers superior products and services enabling anytime, anywhere in-building wireless connectivity. The CSI Product Division specializes in the development of in-building amplifiers, repeaters, and a variety of system components. CSI is the first company to introduce a digitally filtered repeater capable of passing carrier spectrum requirements becoming a requisite for the nation's largest wireless carrier. To ensure that the optimal services are provided, CSI formed the Custom Solutions Group (CSG). Since its establishment, CSG has implemented thousands of turnkey solutions throughout the country. CSI's consultative and product neutral approach enables the company to develop customized solutions for every client. CSI's Custom Solutions Group (CSG) also holds the distinction of being the only in-building wireless service organization approved by all major wireless service providers in the United States. For information about CSI call 877-844-4CSI or visit www.cellularspecialties.com

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