Dotomi's Message Sequencing Enhances Industry's First Display Advertising Ongoing Dialogue Platform

Real-time Profiling Solution Lets Advertisers Enrich Offers or Incentives, Evolve Brand Message or Promote Other Products Over Time to Increase Consumer Engagement and Conversion

Chicago, Illinois, UNITED STATES

CHICAGO, Sept. 22, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dotomi, Inc. (, the leader in personalized media that's more relevant for consumers and more efficient for advertisers, today announced its new Message Sequencing solution which allows advertisers to dynamically change their display ads, based on number of days or number of impressions. By changing messages as consumers move through the purchase and re-purchase funnels, advertisers can enrich an offer to avoid message fatigue or burnout or even evolve a brand message to increase engagement. The combination of Dotomi's new Message Sequencing along with their Personalized Media platform and retention capabilities, allows advertisers to design campaigns with messages sequenced to best respond to individual consumers - therefore making the message more meaningful and increasing campaign conversion.

"By incorporating message sequencing with long term retention messaging, Dotomi is helping advertisers continue to tell, evolve and tailor their brand story in a way that connects it with users on a true one-to-one level over time," said Ken Treske, CMO for Dotomi. "This solution is yet another way Dotomi is working to deliver relevant, more meaningful and responsive advertisements for our customers."

Dotomi's Message Sequencing provides advertisers with a dynamic solution to better manage and respond to the ongoing performance of their display advertising campaigns. Using Message Sequencing, they can:

  1. Reach consumers who are active comparison shoppers with
     an evolving story of their brand.  (For example, in-market
     travel customers often search other sites, and message
     sequencing can help keep a brand's unique value propositions
     in front of them.)
  2. Evolve a message campaign to move a consumer from initial
     brand engagement to a trial offer. (For example, start with
     "Check out our consumer reviews", then evolve to "Free
  3. Determine a consumer's "sweet spot" by identifying the offer
     or incentive that will create response.
  4. Create "post-conversion" and second purchase messaging
  5. Re-energize the conversion curve for a campaign.

Dotomi's Personalized Media approach which uses a proprietary data-driven engine to customize display advertisements at the consumer level, allowing everything including the creative, copy, frequency, and media to be catered to an individual consumer, has seen average conversion lifts of 34.4% over typical remarketing campaigns.

About Dotomi

Founded in 2003, Dotomi, Inc. is helping marketers rethink display advertising with a new approach called Personalized Media. This approach allows decisions such as the banner creative and media placement to be determined in real-time at the user and impression level. By making every online impression unique, consumers enjoy more meaningful advertisements and companies enjoy higher returns and improved user engagement. The company has experienced hyper growth in the 3 years since raising venture capital and services 3 of the top 10 online retailers and 3 of the top 4 travel aggregators. For more information on Dotomi, visit



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