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Industry Leader in Analytical Solutions for Sales, Service and Operations Extends Power, Depth and Flexibility of HardMetrics Performance Manager

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwire - September 22, 2009) -  HardMetrics, innovators in on-demand and enterprise versions of analysis solutions for sales, service and operations optimization, today announced the latest enhancements to its HardMetrics Performance Manager (HPM) solution. HPM enhancement highlights include increased throughput and retrieval performance as well as increased dimensional and hierarchical analysis capabilities in a "cube-less" architecture. HPM Version 5.3 is available immediately as a perpetual license, premise-based subscription or on-demand/SaaS solution.

Telerx, a leading customer care outsourcer to Fortune 500 and 1000 corporations is using HPM to consolidate and correlate data from ACDs, workforce management, timekeeping, payroll, finance and quality systems. HPM serves the company's end users across multiple levels of roles and responsibilities and has allowed them to evolve from manual reporting to sophisticated analytics in a short period of time.

Diana Helfinstine, senior vice president of operations at Telerx, underscores the business value HPM brings to her organization: "HPM made our need and desire for a complete, single view of our business a reality. HPM simplified the process of bringing many of our data sources and data elements together and allows us to easily add new ones with a drag and drop configuration process. We can now compare and contrast business critical data elements in seconds -- in a single view -- using dashboards, scorecards, actionable reports and visualization objects. Equally important, once HPM is capturing and managing the data, the margin for error is virtually nonexistent, because the information is coming from a trusted data source in lieu of the error-prone human element."

HPM v5.3 includes a significant increase in overall performance, as well as various analytics engine enhancements which include:

  • Capturing, storing, correlating and retrieving millions of rows of input data from disparate platforms and sources.
  • Ability to analyze transaction-level, granular data, from any operational source or platform.
  • Correlation of transaction-level data for end user consumption (i.e., call detail records, quality data and/or recordings, CSAT surveys, trouble tickets, work orders, etc.).
  • Enhancements to data correlation and data aggregation algorithms, resulting in increased database load/retrieval performance and increased dimensional and hierarchical analysis capabilities in a "cube-less" architecture.

Prior to deploying HPM, John Walsh, director of Vendor Governance at Motorola, described his data gathering for business intelligence insight as, "labor intensive and an extreme effort," when attempting to standardize 10 to 20 main Key Performance Indicators (KPI) -- with hundreds of data elements across all global contact centers.

"HPM allows us to normalize all KPI data, regardless of the fact that the data comes from different platforms, from different locations and is comprised of numerous formats. HPM got us out of data preparation and processing and into analysis of the business performance. Motorola configured and deployed our first applications in 1.5 months, automating the collection and analysis of data from multiple vendor partners -- originating from a number of countries around the globe," Walsh added.

Rob Winner, president of HardMetrics, sums up HPM's value in two distinct areas, "First, HPM facilitates the rapid deployment of business intelligence and operational analytics by seamlessly integrating and correlating disparate platforms of data -- empowering users with the ability to look across the business from different hierarchical perspectives as well as vertically from transaction detail up, through aggregation and summary. Secondly, HPM is intuitive, flexible, easy-to-use, quick-to-implement and easy-to-maintain -- without costing a high six-figure price tag. HPM v5.3 continues to raise the bar in the areas of price, performance and ROI."

For additional HPM business intelligence insights please view the AAA Auto Club South customer case study webcast entitled: "Business Units and Business Intelligence - the Changing Game at AAA Auto Club South."

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