Wize.com Launches Redesigned Site; Significant New Features Enable Personalized Product Recommendations, Enhanced Product Analysis and Evaluation Capabilities for Consumers

Former CMO of Travelocity and Current CEO of Skyfire, Jeffrey Glueck, Joins Board of Directors

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - September 29, 2009) - Wize (Wize.com), an online product recommendation research engine, today launched a revised and expanded version of the Wize.com site. Since launching in late 2006, Wize.com has aggregated more than 26 million product recommendations on over 1 million products from thousands of sites across the Web. The patent-pending Wize Product Research Engine analyzes this massive amount of data using real everyday language based on what people have said is important, and provides users with an easy to use, personalized list of product recommendations.

With Wize.com, consumers can search for a product using everyday phrases that describe exactly what they are looking for -- e.g. best digital camera for vacation. The site is designed to help consumers find the products that meet their specific needs and ultimately their budgets.

The new features available today are:

--  Wize Choice Recommendations: An authoritative opinion on the best and
    worst products available on the Web based on Wize's proprietary analysis
--  Wize Brand Choice: For each product category featured on Wize.com,
    Wize reads how people describe a specific brand within a product category -
    e.g. Kodak - and the words and phrases associated with the brand
--  Wize Review Search: The ability to search through all the product
    reviews for any given consumer need or query any given product - e.g.
    battery life
--  Wize Product Organizer: Users are able to store, capture and compare
    all of their favorite products during their product research session to
    make research easier
--  Twitter Integration: Recommendations include real-time feeds from

Consumers want the best, most trusted information about the products they need and most importantly, want to be able to access this information easily. Despite advancing technology and approaches, neither shopping search engines nor review aggregators have been able to deliver this to the average consumer. With the new Wize.com features users will be able to see the full personal opinions of all of the aggregated review data available online about a product, rather than be forced to base a purchase decision on a subset of reviews.

"This latest iteration of the Wize.com site provides consumers a unique and effective way to become confident about their product decisions by unleashing the real power of user reviews," said Tom Patterson, CEO of Wize.com. "Launching our new site and with the addition of Jeffrey Glueck to our board, it's a very exciting time for Wize."

Trusted online product reviews are incredibly important, necessary and valuable. According to Nielsen, "recommendations from personal acquaintances or opinions posted by consumers online are the most trusted forms of advertising." Given the breadth and depth of the research and analysis, Wize.com can authoritatively recommend what is good and bad on the Web, allowing consumers to have confidence in the product they are purchasing.

Along with launching the new site, Wize has added Jeffrey Glueck, the CEO of Skyfire, to its board of directors. In addition to his current position at Skyfire, Glueck previously co-founded site59.com and served as CMO of Travelocity, playing an important hand in the overall growth of the company.

"Wize.com represents the next phase in both consumer search and online shopping," said Jeffrey Glueck, CEO of Skyfire. "Currently, there is nothing else out there like Wize.com that lets the consumer confidently search, find and purchase a product that specifically meets their requirements."

In Q4 Wize.com will be adding additional site features including the Wize New Product Predictions and a Wize mobile app.

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Wize (Wize.com) simplifies product research by helping consumers find products based on their needs instead of technical product features. Users simply tell Wize what product they are looking for and how they want to use it. The patent-pending Wize Product Research Engine then reads data from thousands of sources across the Web, analyzes some 26 million recommendations for more than 1 million products, and provides a personalized list of the top products for a users needs. Wize, headquartered in Burlingame, Calif., is privately held and funded by Mayfield Fund and Bessemer Venture Partners. For more information, visit Wize.com.

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