Today Is National Pierogy Day

Celebrate Pierogies on October 8th

SHENANDOAH, PA--(Marketwire - October 8, 2009) -  A day to recognize those tasty pockets of pasta and potatoes has finally come to the table. Today we celebrate the pierogy for adding flavor, versatility, and a smile to the melting pot of American cuisine.

  • The pierogy, a descendent of Eastern European culinary tradition, is a crescent-shaped pasta pocket stuffed with mashed potatoes, cheese, sauerkraut, onion, meat and any combination thereof
  • Since arriving in the U.S. in the early 1900s, the pierogy has become an American meal staple
  • In 2008, Americans consumed over 31,000,000 pierogies*
  • Pittsburgh, Penn. holds the record, consuming 11 times more pierogies than any other city or town in the country annually*

*According to Mrs. T's Pierogies

"Today is truly a milestone for the pierogy," said Tom Twardzik, president of Mrs. T's and grandson of the actual Mrs. T. "If my grandmother and her friends making pierogies around the kitchen table in the late 1940s, had known that one day there would be a single day dedicated to pierogies, I think they would have shared in our excitement."

Mrs. T's Pierogies was founded in 1952 by Ted Twardzik Sr. when he recognized an opportunity in the marketplace. For years, his mother, Mary (the actual Mrs. T.) and her friends, would gather around the kitchen table and make pierogies for church fundraisers. Realizing the popularity of the comfort food favorites at church dinners, Ted assumed Americans across the U.S. would share in the enthusiasm. On October 8, 1952, Ted produced the company's very first samples for a local grocery store. Today, Mrs. T's is still a family-owned company, operating out of its original birthplace, Shenandoah, Penn., and is the largest producer of pierogies in the U.S.

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