Advertisers Experience Significant 39.2% Lift on Return on Ad Spend Using Dotomi's Real-Time Profiling Engine, EXACCT

Self-Learning Algorithms Help Predict the Best Creative, Offer and Media to Maximize Every Display Ad Impression; Provide Glimpse Into the Future of All Personalized Media

CHICAGO, Oct. 28, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dotomi, Inc. (, the leader in personalized media that's more relevant for consumers and more efficient for advertisers, today announced that its newly enhanced, real-time profiling engine, EXACCT, is helping Dotomi advertisers experience ROAS lifts as high as 39.2% when compared to typical display campaigns. EXACCT's sophisticated algorithms, which combine rich individual-level creative, messaging and media decisions to help advertisers get the most out of every online ad impression, provides a glimpse into what will be possible across all addressable media in the future.

The EXACCT Process

Serving as the backbone to Dotomi's Personalized Media approach, EXACCT's self-learning algorithms use anonymous but robust individual-level profiles to allow Dotomi to precisely determine what an individual consumer is interested in and what's most relevant to them. These profiles then help EXACCT to make a series of marketing decisions to ensure that the best message and creative is delivered to that individual, every time. By getting very granular, EXACCT helps Dotomi to create substantial increases in performance because the value created by millions of small decisions accumulates to large gains.

"Dotomi's Personalized Media solutions are the most sophisticated example of tomorrow's technology," said John Giuliani, Chairman and CEO of Dotomi. "Dotomi is doing today on a broad scale what will have to be done tomorrow in television, social media, video and other targeted media as the need for more personalized and meaningful advertising increases."

"Dotomi's unique combination of anonymous creative, messaging and media data -- all derived at the individual consumer level -- offers a level of granularity that's unparalleled by other providers in our space. It's why Dotomi is able to deliver ads to consumers that they really respond to and that in turn create superior results for our advertisers," added Giuliani.

EXACCT technology is on its fourth generation and has been used in thousands of client programs. The most recent enhancements have demonstrated up to 39.2% ROAS lift. While other competing technologies optimize on simple clicks -- resulting in false revenue optimization -- EXACCT looks to improve long term conversion and margin gains through its predictive testing approach.

"Mass media is losing its grip on advertising," states Scott Kurnit, founder of and a Dotomi Board Member. "It's inevitable that the future of media will get more granular and personal. Capabilities like EXACCT that can automatically make the best media decision at the individual level is a glimpse of how things will work in the future. And it's working at scale on the Internet today."

About Dotomi

Founded in 2003, Dotomi, Inc. is helping marketers rethink display advertising with a new approach called Personalized Media. This approach allows decisions such as the banner creative and media placement to be determined in real-time at the user and impression level. By making every online impression unique, consumers enjoy more meaningful advertisements and companies enjoy higher returns and improved user engagement. The company has experienced hyper growth in the 3 years since raising venture capital and services 3 of the top 10 online retailers and 3 of the top 4 travel aggregators. For more information on Dotomi, visit


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