CyberLink's Photo and Video Applications Deliver Improved Performance and New Features With NVIDIA GeForce and ION GPUs

CyberLink Continues to Leverage CUDA Architecture to Enhance MediaShow 5, MediaShow Espresso, PowerDirector 8, PowerProducer 5 and PowerDVD 9 Applications

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - November 9, 2009) - CyberLink's award-winning photo and video editing software now includes unique new features and significantly improved performance when used with PCs equipped with NVIDIA® GeForce® and NVIDIA ION™ graphics processing units (GPUs), the two companies announced today.

Among improvements that NVIDIA GPU users can enjoy are GPU-accelerated photo face-recognition, GPU-accelerated upscaling of DVD movies to near-HD quality, GPU-accelerated video decoding, and GPU-accelerated video encoding. These features are all made possible by the NVIDIA CUDA™ parallel computing hardware architecture.

"NVIDIA and CyberLink are at the forefront of the GPU Computing revolution," said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. "CyberLink is committed to extending our support for NVIDIA's CUDA architecture, enabling our photo and video applications to deliver the best user experience at the highest level of performance."

GeForce-owners can enjoy the following improvements with CyberLink digital video applications:

  • CyberLink MediaShow 5 is a powerful solution for managing and enjoying your photos and videos, uses the NVIDIA CUDA architecture to accelerate face detection, helping you find and tag your friends and family in your photo library. It detects faces as much as 70% faster than a CPU alone and speeds up video conversion by as much as 500%. GPU-acceleration of the face tagging process is only available to owners of NVIDIA GeForce GPUs.
  • CyberLink PowerDVD 9 is an award-winning video player software program. Consumers with NVIDIA GeForce GPUs can enjoy GPU-accelerated upscaling of DVD movies to near-HD quality. GPU-acceleration provides lower CPU utilization for a better user experience and greater system compatibility.
  • CyberLink MediaShow Espresso is an easy to use video conversion application that prepares digital video for a wide variety of portable devices, such as the iPod, iPhone, or PSP at very high speeds with excellent quality. MediaShow Espresso has been further accelerated with today's update to as much as 500% faster than an average CPU.
  • CyberLink PowerDirector 8 is a consumer-oriented video editing program that features full end-to-end support for high definition video, from importing to editing and output. Owners of NVIDIA GeForce GPUs can benefit from both GPU-accelerated special effects and video encoding in PowerDirector 8.
  • CyberLink PowerProducer 5 is authoring software that lets you create compelling HD video and slideshow discs from your digital camcorder or camera media. PowerProducer's optimization for NVIDIA CUDA technologies ensures faster production of your video projects using PCs equipped with CUDA-enabled graphics cards.

"CyberLink continues to amaze consumers with their innovative use of NVIDIA GPUs and the CUDA architecture," said Michael Steele, general manager of visual consumer solutions at NVIDIA. "They are a leader in leveraging the flexibility and maturity of CUDA to deliver digital home products with uncompromising quality and features that are unique to NVIDIA GeForce customers."

The CUDA architecture enables the broadest array of GPU computing programming language support and API support, including Microsoft's DirectCompute, OpenCL, CUDA C, CUDA Fortran, and others. With over 150 million CUDA-enabled GPUs in the market, NVIDIA continues to evolve the CUDA development environment with a growing set of tools, libraries and academic momentum.

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