Kaon Interactive Launches v-Stream Web Application

Kaon v-Stream Brings Interactive Customer Experiences to the Web

MAYNARD, MA--(Marketwire - November 10, 2009) - In response to market demand to be able to present interactive product and solution presentations online, Kaon Interactive, Inc., creators of 3D interactive sales and marketing solutions that bring products to life, today launched the Kaon v-Stream™.

The Kaon v-Stream allows sales and marketing professionals to deliver Kaon v-Brief® rich media content via the Web, independent of the user's local hardware. Previously, viewing these highly compelling, virtual interactive experiences was only possible on the Kaon v-OSK®, an integrated touch screen appliance, due to the size and complexity of the content. Now, the Kaon v-Stream allows this rich, interactive Kaon content to be displayed on any desktop or laptop via a Web browser, for access anywhere, anytime.

The Kaon v-Brief content showcases tightly integrated, cohesive product and solutions stories consisting of 3D virtual product demonstrations, interactive flow diagrams, videos, data sheets, slide presentations, and more. This engaging and dynamic presentation format has been instrumental in helping sales and marketing teams communicate sophisticated product and solution stories at a variety of venues such as trade shows and executive briefing centers. The Kaon v-Stream now extends the Kaon v-Brief platform to any sales or marketing customer touch-point; both online and face-to-face.

Whether via the Kaon v-Stream, or on the Kaon v-OSK, interactive content is delivered in a consistent fashion. In both cases the user controls the interaction; via the web, this interaction occurs through the use of a mouse, whereas on the Kaon v-OSK appliance, the user interacts via the high-definition touch screen.

"This solution was developed in response to the call from so many of our customers to be able to broaden the use of their Kaon v-Brief content across all platforms," said Gavin Finn, CEO of Kaon Interactive. "The Kaon v-Stream -- which requires no special software, only a Web browser -- delivers highly engaging and interactive customer-driven content which, like all of Kaon's offerings, allows for self-exploration of the solution's benefits, features and options that are of specific interest to the customer, all at their own pace."

The Kaon v-Stream enhances the suite of Kaon Interactive tools:

--  Sales "leave-behinds" -- following a Kaon v-Brief demonstration,
    customers can be provided a link that affords them the ability for further,
    independent exploration, and to share the material with colleagues
--  Virtual events -- as more companies add virtual events to the
    marketing mix, they can now show their Kaon v-Brief content as an integral
    part of an event, delivering captivating content to all participants

About Kaon Interactive

Kaon Interactive, Inc. creates visually compelling, interactive sales and marketing solutions that bring products to life. Kaon's 3D realism enables product manufacturers, distributors and retailers to deliver a rich, engaging customer experience by combining compelling product interactivity with relevant product information and messaging, resulting in an experience that is closest to an 'in-store' encounter, increasing the likelihood to purchase.

Founded in 1996, Kaon is dedicated to helping companies improve their marketing and sales effectiveness by clearly differentiating and communicating product offerings, shortening the buying cycle, reducing marketing and printing costs, and enhancing the knowledge of customers, sales teams and channels. Kaon has deployed more than 1,000 interactive applications to a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies.

Kaon is privately held, with corporate headquarters in Maynard, Massachusetts and a West Coast sales and service office in San Diego, California and a Central sales and service office in Austin, Texas. To 'experience' a demo and learn more about Kaon, visit www.kaon.com.

Contact Information: Contacts: Darlene Hollywood/Heidi Boie Darlene Hollywood Public Relations 781-264-0511/508-846-5307

Kaon v-Stream brings interactive customer experiences to the Web.