Consumers Reveal Which Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Treatments Are Worth It

From Botox to Breast Implants -- Reports Actual Patient Satisfaction With Elective Cosmetic Procedures

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - November 12, 2009) - Considering a nip or tuck or tempering worry lines and want to know if others were satisfied with their own results? Curious which treatments are actually worth the price tag? uncovers consumer opinions about the most popular elective cosmetic treatments and plastic surgeries and, using the site's exclusive Worth It Index, providing unique insight into whether or not the results justify the cost. is a free community of consumers and board-certified doctors that offers first-hand accounts and information on more than 300 elective cosmetic treatments, everything from Botox and Breast Implants to Latisse eyelash lengthener and Liposuction. With the RealSelf Worth It Index, anyone contemplating a cosmetic procedure can get free access to reviews and ratings based on input from approximately 10,000 men and women who have undergone particular cosmetic treatments and answered the simple question, "Was it worth it?" The Index rates treatments from 1-100 (lowest to highest), and the top 20 rated treatments on are:

Rank    Treatment                         Worth It Index (%)   Average Cost
1       Latisse                                 88                 $124
2       Tummy tuck                              84               $8,661
3       Breast reduction                        82               $9,683
4       Facelift                                82              $10,806
5       Lasik                                   81               $3,206
6       Invisalign                              80               $4,687
7       Breast implants                         77               $6,691
8       Photofacial                             74                 $893
9       Laser hair removal                      71               $1,551
10      Smart Lipo                              70               $5,384
11      Vaser Liposuction                       69               $5,108
12      Rhinoplasty                             68               $5,679
13      Perlane                                 66                 $971
14      Eyelid surgery                          65               $4,292
15      Permanent makeup                        64                 $597
16      Botox                                   64                 $454
17      Breast lift                             63               $7,247
18      Revision rhinoplasty                    62               $6,080
19      Liposuction                             61               $5,614
20      Microdermabrasion                       61                 $363

"We've found that people are generally satisfied with the results of their cosmetic treatment, with 62% of RealSelf members reporting their procedure as 'worth it,'" said Tom Seery, founder and CEO, "Our data reveals that the most popular treatments aren't necessarily the most effective by patient standards. The transparency offered by real-world experiences and ratings helps anyone considering a cosmetic change deepen their understanding of their options and alternatives."

Most Effective Treatments by Body Area

For those interested in changing the appearance of a particular area of the body or addressing "trouble spots," makes it easy to compare a variety of services that range from surgical procedures to non-invasive options that can vary widely in results and cost. Some of the most common body concerns include:

--  Face: Anti-wrinkle treatments like Botox and Restylane have a high
    number of reviews, but reported results and Worth It rating is just
    slightly above average for each treatment (64% and 57%). When it comes to
    addressing the aging face, it seems like nothing beats the old fashioned
    facelift, which has the highest Worth It index for facial procedures with
    82%. Interestingly, branded procedures, like Lifestyle Lift and Thermage,
    rank the lowest with respective Worth It Ratings of just 29% and 38%.
--  Eyes: Latisse eyelash lengthener is the new kid on the block, and it
    has quickly become the favored treatment for those looking to give their
    eyes a new look. The majority of RealSelf users are satisfied with the
    results of vision correction -- Lasik has an 81% rating. Getting an eyelift
    with eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) comes in at 65%.
--  Smile: Adult braces appear to have come a long way with Invisalign --
    it's considered relatively painless and moderately priced, and gets a Worth
    It rating of 80%. While people are always looking to whiten their smile,
    popular treatments like Brite Smile and Zoom have Index ratings below 50%
    (45% and 43%).
--  Breasts: Breast implants have the most ratings of any procedure on
    RealSelf (and a high Worth It rating of 77%), but women who have taken
    their girls down a notch with a breast reduction have a higher rate of
    satisfaction (82% Worth It Index).
--  Lower Body: Most forms of fat removal are rated relatively high, from
    laser liposuction (Smart lipo at 70%) and liposuction surgery at 61%. Tummy
    Tuck is also a highly rated and reviewed procedure (84% Worth It rating).

On these first-hand accounts are presented alongside opinions from board-certified doctors, giving consumers a more complete picture of the financial, emotional and physical impact undergoing any type of cosmetic change. "Research is vital for those evaluating cosmetic treatments -- unlike reviews of a restaurant or a hotel, there is little room for error when it comes to your body," continued Seery. "Doing your homework, including discussing the procedure with a doctor, reviewing all materials related to cost and recovery, and getting a personal account from someone who has gone through it, makes a tremendous impact on the initial decision making and ultimately the overall success and satisfaction with the treatment."

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