InDorse Technologies Introduces New Image Security and Assurance Solution -- InDIA(TM)

New Data Protection Solution Helps Video Game Publishers Avoid Millions of Dollars in Potential Losses From Accidental or Fraudulent Image Leakage

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 12, 2009) -  InDorse Technologies, the leading provider of context-based data assurance and protection solutions, today announced the availability of InDorse Image Assurance (InDIA™), an innovative solution that easily and cost-effectively embeds security policies within a visible or invisible Digimarc watermark -- directly onto any image -- helping to prevent data leaks by granting or denying file access based on a company's preset criteria. Today's announcement addresses the need to prevent distribution of pirated photos as well as video gaming images to unauthorized personnel -- resulting in potential public viewing before the desired release date or competitive advantage.

"Unfortunately, data leaks are all too common," said Rob Marano, InDorse Technologies' president & CEO. "At the end of the day, it all comes down to the end user and how they use or misuse business files -- sensitive or not. InDIA helps end users instantly become aware of an image's proper use by enabling the file to carry and administer security polices without disrupting the user's normal workflow -- they conduct business as usual and the image dictates corporate policies to protect intellectual property."

Unlike traditional Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions that will alert -- only after a problem has occurred and after an individual downloaded information -- InDIA prevents an end user from accessing files in the first place vis-à-vis preset security rules that travel with every file. The end user simply conducts business as usual and via the metadata, the image will inform the end user if they can view, download, file to another location or forward. If the file is leaked, the watermark continues to show the time stamped record of who downloaded the file before it was leaked. 

"With the watermark showing a time stamped record of who downloaded the file on the screen, unauthorized users would be reluctant to even take a photograph of the on-screen image," Marano continued.

In the event a protected image falls into the wrong hands, malicious users cannot remove the watermark by trying to crop the image. Any attempt to modify the file results in the image's destruction -- further protecting the owner's intellectual property rights. The original file remains intact and unaffected. 

All file activity is tracked and reported back to the administrator to follow:

  • Who accessed files
  • When downloads occurred
  • What the end user did with the file (e.g., change or relocate to a different area)

Files Supported by InDIA Include:
Image Files:


Image Data Formats:

  • Grayscale, BGR, RGB, LAB, ARGB, RGBA, BGRA, CMYK and CMYK Inverted

Pricing for InDIA starts at U.S. List $10,000.00. For more information please dial +1 (646) 495-6127 or email:

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