Companion Animal Protection Society Plans Peaceful Boycott Inside Mall

Barkworks Chain Sells Puppy Mill Puppies

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - December 17, 2009) -

WHO:   Deborah Howard, Founder and President of the Companion Animal
       Protection Society (CAPS).  Carole Davis, West Coast Director
       of CAPS and organizer of the Barkworks protest.  More than 75
       protesters will be participating in this landmark event.

       CAPS,, is the only national non-profit
       organization dedicated exclusively to protecting companion animals
       from cruelty in pet shops and puppy mills.

WHAT:  CAPS is conducting a pro-adoption/anti puppy mill awareness boycott
       of Barkworks, a pet shop chain that sells dogs from puppy mills --
       commercial breeding facilities that mass produce dogs for resale.
       This is a landmark demonstration for the California animal
       protection movement because pet shops that sell puppy mill dogs
       inside shopping malls, have, until now, been immune to the
       increasing public outcry over the puppy mill issue. This peaceful
       demonstration will open the doors of every mall in the state of
       California to animal welfare activists who will bravely uphold
       California Supreme Court Law.

       Local activists will be gathering in front of Barkworks in silence
       to grieve for the millions of companion animals who died this year
       in our nation's shelters because there are not enough homes for
       them. Animal welfare activists are asking shoppers to be mindful
       that over 60% of pets are bought during the weeks leading to
       Christmas and that the true spirit of Christmas is in giving -- as
       in giving a homeless pet a loving home. During this severe economic
       downturn, we are asking people to help our community by adopting a
       companion animal from our local shelters.

       The activists are also upholding a California Supreme Court
       decision, which, until now, has remained untested by the animal
       protection movement. This landmark boycott will open the doors
       for activism and free speech on private property. After Saturday,
       stores that sell puppy mill dogs will no longer be able to prevent
       protests inside California's malls.

WHEN:  Saturday, December 19, 2009 at 2:30 pm

WHERE: Barkworks, 10800 West Pico Blvd., #391, Los Angeles, CA 90064 in the
       West Side Pavilion

WHY:   Barkworks sells dogs from puppy mills. CAPS has evidence from USDA
       inspection reports of inhumane treatment in puppy mills that supply

       According to Carole Raphaelle Davis, West Coast Director of CAPS,
       author of "The Diary of Jinky, Dog of a Hollywood Wife" and
       investigative reporter for American Dog Magazine, "Saturday is a
       history-making day for the animal protection movement. Pet shops
       are routinely defrauding customers by telling them, like Barkworks
       has told CAPS' under-cover operatives, that the dogs sold in the
       store are 'family-raised in homes.' The parents of the dogs sold
       in pet shops are treated inhumanely, raised like livestock and
       bred like machine parts until they die. The public is becoming
       increasingly aware of the cruelty of the pet industry and the
       California stores selling the offspring of this cruel business,
       after Saturday, will no longer be able to hide from the truth
       inside the malls."

About CAPS

Founded by President Deborah Howard in 1992, Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS) is the only national nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to protecting companion animals from cruelty in pet shops and puppy mills. CAPS actively addresses the abuse and suffering of pet shop and puppy mill dogs through investigations, education, media relations, legislative involvement, puppy mill dog rescues, consumer assistance and pet industry employee relations.

Contact Information: Media Contacts: Carole Raphaelle Davis West coast Director of CAPS 310-990-5758 Deborah Howard President of CAPS cell: 339-236-0978 Mara Stefan Emerge PR cell: 781-771-6911