New "Wireless Engine" Repeater Provides Wireless Connectivity to World-Class Trains

Compact Wireless Repeater Design and Remote Reconfiguration Enable Reliable Railway Communications

MANCHESTER, NH--(Marketwire - December 17, 2009) -  CSI, the recognized leader in the design and implementation of in-building wireless products and solutions, has bridged the gap between train commuters and their ability to utilize cell phones and data devices while en route. With the deployment of the industry's only "rail repeater" to feature GPS technology and digital filtering, CSI's Wireless Engine provides trains with uninterrupted voice and data services.

One of the most attractive aspects of rail travel is the ability to work virtually without losing a step. Seamless wireless connectivity is critical to fulfilling passengers' expectations of voice and data capabilities while traveling. CSI's Wireless Engine digital rail repeater system enables the desired Wireless Service Provider's (WSP) signal by instantaneously switching filter configurations based upon GPS coordinates and spectrum holdings.

Currently deployed on one of the major commuter trains in the Unites States, the Wireless Engine line of rail repeaters is specifically designed to provide wireless coverage for rail applications. Scott Goodrich, president of CSI's product division, elaborates on this technology breakthrough. "Staying connected to cellular voice and data services is expected regardless of where you are. Trains present a unique set of challenges, such as the 'on the fly' filter changes coupled with space and weight constraints that older analog systems cannot address. The CSI solution utilizes software-defined filters which provide superior performance and flexibility without the traditional oversized and heavy hardware."

CSI's product offers many leading-edge benefits over traditional rail repeaters, such as complete remote monitoring and control. Fleet operators no longer need to revisit installations to swap repeaters or to reconfigure the required pass-bands. Virtually any pass-band requirement can be met by reconfiguring the software automatically or manually, either on-site or remotely, thus saving time and money. Operators can stock one model that meets all market configurability requirements, considerably reducing inventory costs and deployment time. Exceptional filter selectivity eliminates adjacent channel interference and allows carrier specific frequencies to be amplified.

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