FilterForGood and Bob Harper Help Sustain Your Health and the Health of the Planet

OAKLAND, CA--(Marketwire - January 6, 2010) - This New Year, reduce both your ecological and physical impact with the help of FilterForGood and trainer Bob Harper's "My Trainer Bob." FilterForGood, a partnership between Brita and Nalgene, and Harper have teamed up to help all people connect the drops and to show how small steps, such as drinking filtered water from a reusable bottle, can help achieve your sustainability goals.

Harper and FilterForGood first joined forces on NBC's show "The Biggest Loser" to help contestants reduce their waist and waste by going bottled water-free on-set. For the last four seasons, the show's contestants, trainers and crew switched from bottled water to FilterForGood Nalgene bottles and Brita-filtered water, saving more than 128,000 disposable bottles(1) from potentially ending up in landfills. Together, FilterForGood and Harper have helped contestants improve their personal health and the health of the environment by teaching easy lifestyle changes that enrich and uplift physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Now, FilterForGood and Harper are bringing their simple steps to help sustain your body, mind and the environment to benefit all people. "I know from experience that sticking to your personal weight-loss and sustainability goals is especially hard during the holiday season," said Harper. "That's why, with the help of FilterForGood, I've put together the following tips to make it easier for people to maintain their goals during the holiday season and into the New Year."

-- During parties, you can cut calories and still eat the foods you enjoy, simply by cutting your portions in half. You'll consume 50 percent fewer calories without having to deprive yourself of any of your favorite foods.

-- Water, water and more water! Water enriches your skin and is essential for weight loss. Drink as much filtered water throughout the day as you can. It's easy if you carry a refillable bottle to work or to the gym, like the Brita FilterForGood bottles.

-- Make sure you set aside time for yourself everyday. You will need this time to exercise, relax and become more in tune with your body and what it needs. It is this attitude, followed by the reinforcing behavior that will act as the most positive reinforcement for your new commitment to taking charge of your life.

-- Make sure you eat every four hours. This not only offsets hunger, but keeps you away from triggers that cause overeating or unnecessary snacking.

-- Grow confidence. When the calendar changes years, it's key to take stock. Look at all the areas of your life and make a list of your strengths in all those areas.

-- Avoid foods high in sodium. Sodium makes you retain fluids and acts as an appetite stimulant and contributes to heart disease.

-- Choose fruit for dessert. Yes, it's hard to resist finishing off a meal with something sweet, in particular that holiday chocolate cake, but instead of selecting a high-fat, high sugar food, satisfy your taste buds with a fruit cup or sorbet that will cleanse you palate and answer the call for something sweet.

-- Remember that taking care of yourself does not happen in just the holiday months. It's a lifestyle, not a plan!

You can find more of Harper's easy tips to achieve personal weight loss and sustainability goals by visiting Harper's Web site at and see Bob on NBC's "The Biggest Loser" Tuesday's 8/7c. Also, be sure to check out to learn more ways you can go green and to take the FilterForGood pledge to reduce bottled water waste.

(1) Based on 32,000 16.9 oz bottles of water used per season over the course of four seasons, which would translate to 128,000 bottles saved.

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