Corra Group Conducting Background Checks for Accounting Firms This Tax Season

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 2, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Corra Group, a worldwide background screening service, has prepared a special background checking package designed to assist accounting and financial firms as they gear up for the tax season.   The special background screening package, called the Certified and Licensed Professionals Packages, offers the series of background checks that accounting firms have requested for their pre-employment screening programs.

 “Our special Certified and Licensed Professional Package provides the accounting firm with a comprehensive background check of its employment candidates,” said Nick Gustavson, Co-Founder of Corra Group.   “The package includes criminal reports on the county and federal levels, credit reports, education, licensing, and employment history. We stress the need for the federal criminal search as it addresses the candidate’s possible involvement with white collar crimes.  

“The background searches within this entire package can return to our clients from between one and three days,” Gustavson added.   “Our clients like this, because they need to hire for tax season.   They want to know their candidates are sound, and they want this information returned in a timely fashion.   Our state-of-the-art ordering system enables a quick and easy interface.”

Corra Group enjoys serving accounting firms, venture capital, and private equity groups in a number of capacities.   Besides providing its financial clients with their pre-employment screening needs, Corra Group conducts business research and financial vetting, including a variety of background checks that are focused on co-ventures and strategic partnerships.   Corra Group additionally provides business credit reports to its clients on corporate entities throughout the United States and around the word.

 “This special accounting and finance package was created after talking with our clients and learning their concerns,” Gustavson continued.   “If our clients wish for additional background searches, we can customize our packages according to their particular needs. We are always revising our packages, incorporating background checks that provide our clients with a more complete understanding of their prospective hires.   We want our clients to feel confident they are making the right choices.”

 About us: Corra Group specializes in pre-employment background checks, business research, and corporate investigation. Corra Group services companies throughout the United States and around the world. It is one of the few companies that will answer the phone. View us at

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