Atossa Genetics, Inc. Launches Corporate Web Site Featuring New FDA-Approved Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Test

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - February 8, 2010) - Atossa Genetics, Inc., a privately-held healthcare company focused on the development and marketing of novel cellular and molecular diagnostic risk assessment products for breast cancer, announced today the launch of its new Web site at

Founded in 2009 by Steven C. Quay, M.D., Ph.D., Atossa Genetics, Inc. is commercializing a revolutionary new FDA-approved screening test to identify women at high risk of developing breast cancer called the Mammary Aspirate Specimen Cytology Test (MASCT™) System.

"Breast cancer remains a major global health care issue, with about 519,000 deaths annually," stated Steven C. Quay, M.D., Ph.D., Chairman, President and CEO. "While treatment of breast cancer has improved, widespread early detection of pre-cancerous cellular changes remains an elusive goal. Mammography, a painful test and the only current screening method in widespread use, cannot detect cellular changes that are predictive of breast cancer up to eight years in advance of the appearance of a tumor. However, using the MASCT System it is now possible to detect such cellular changes at much earlier stages, allowing patients and their physicians to develop strategies for heightened screening, lifestyle changes and the potential prophylactic use of drugs such as Tamoxifen. We believe the MASCT System represents a significant advancement in the identification of women at high risk for breast cancer and we look forward to making the test available beginning in early 2011."

The MASCT System is designed to collect nipple aspirate fluid (NAF), which contains cells from the lining of the milk ducts and the lobules where 85% of all breast cancers originate. Once collected, the NAF sample undergoes laboratory analysis to determine whether the cells are normal, atypical (premalignant), or malignant. The MASCT System uses no radiation, is simple, painless, and inexpensive, and takes less than 10 minutes in a doctor's office or mammography center. The MASCT is intended as an adjunct to mammography for women ages of 40 to 75 and younger women at high risk for breast cancer.

The MASCT System addresses a large and growing worldwide market. In the U.S. alone approximately 37 million mammograms are performed each year. Worldwide, more than 100 million mammograms are performed annually.

The MASCT System, including the collection device and laboratory procedures, are covered by 14 U.S. and foreign patents. Additional patent applications are pending.

Second-generation breast cancer diagnostic products, services and revenue sources are in development.

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Contact Information: Contacts: Corporate: Steven C. Quay, M.D., Ph.D. Chairman, President and CEO 206-325-6086 Investors and Media: Matthew D. Haines Managing Director MBS Value Partners 212-710-9686