PC Industry Applauds Newly Introduced NVIDIA Optimus Technology for Notebook Computers

NVIDIA Optimus Delivers Great Performance, Great Battery Life, and Simply Works

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - February 9, 2010) - The computer industry came out in mass support for the new NVIDIA® Optimus™ technology announced today. NVIDIA® Optimus™ is a breakthrough technology for notebook PCs that chooses the best graphics processor for running a given application and automatically routes the workload to either an NVIDIA discrete GPU or Intel integrated graphics -- delivering great battery life and great performance when you need it.


  • Just as a Hybrid car chooses the most appropriate engine between the gas-powered and electric engine on-the-fly, NVIDIA Optimus does the same thing for graphics processors in notebook computers.
  • For the notebook user, NVIDIA Optimus Technology is automatic, seamless, and instantaneous.
  • Notebooks equipped with Optimus Technology can last up to 2 times(1) longer on a battery charge than notebooks with standard discrete graphics without Optimus technology.
  • NVIDIA Optimus technology is available only on notebooks with NVIDIA GPUs.
  • Notebooks with NVIDIA Optimus technology will be available shortly, starting with the Asus UL50Vf, N61Jv, N71Jv, N82Jv, and U30Jc notebooks


"NVIDIA Optimus is a game changer for the notebook PC industry. It intelligently and seamlessly manages graphics performance while extending battery life to provide the best notebook PC experience."
- Dr. Jon Peddie, President of Jon Peddie Research, a pioneer of the graphics industry and a leading analyst

"NVIDIA Optimus is designed to work in ways consumers expect hardware and software to work together, it's simple and seamless. We worked closely with NVIDIA to enable Adobe Flash Player 10.1 to take advantage of GPU acceleration whenever possible. As a result, consumers get the benefit of maximum battery life and the best multimedia experience when browsing the web."
- David Wadhwani, general manager & vice president, Platform Business Unit, Adobe, which is redefining business, entertainment and personal communications by setting new standards for producing and delivering content

"Optimus is switchable graphics done right. No toggles, no reboots, no thinking. Finally, there is an optimized notebook solution that painlessly gives notebook users both the performance they want and the battery life they need."
- Rob Enderle, President and Principal Analyst of the Enderle Group, one of the most influential technology pundits in the world

"Cyberlink is moving more and more video processing to the graphics processor, reducing CPU utilization and completing tasks faster so that the system returns to a low power state sooner. NVIDIA Optimus technology optimizes your overall notebook battery life while maintaining the outstanding graphics performance you expect, whether you're watching an HD movie with PowerDVD, editing videos with PowerDirector, or simply surfing the web."
- Alice Chang, CEO of Cyberlink, a world leader in the field of digital entertainment and multimedia solutions

"Switchable graphics is a great idea in theory, but in practice people rarely switch between integrated and discrete GPUs. The process is just too cumbersome and confusing. Some buyers wonder why their performance is so poor when they think the discrete GPU is active, but, unknown to them, it isn't. Optimus fixes what is broken with switchable graphics."
- Roger Kay, president of Endpoint Technologies Associates, one of the computer industry's best-known market intelligence analysts

"We are pleased that NVIDIA continues to innovate for Windows 7 users," said Mike Angiulo, general manager of Windows planning and PC ecosystem at Microsoft Corp."With Optimus, NVIDIA is balancing the performance needed for graphics intensive applications and the battery life advantages of integrated graphics, with minimum effort from the user."
- Mike Angiulo, general manager of Windows planning and PC ecosystem at Microsoft Corp, the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions

"NVIDIA Optimus technology is raising the bar on notebook gaming. This new technology beautifully bridges the gap that has always existed between the performance a gamer wants for playing Borderlands or Brothers in Arms and the battery life that has always been missing from a gaming capable laptop. Gearbox Software is excited for this latest innovation."
- Sean Cavanaugh, lead graphics programmer for Gearbox Software, an award-winning independent developer of interactive entertainment

"We are all hands-on-deck to bring this innovative new technology into the consumer market. NVIDIA Optimus is a unique approach that solves the problem of users having to choose between systems and graphics performance versus extended battery life. ASUS' powerful multimedia N series and the thin and light UL series notebooks will adopt this new technology, and in doing so provide our users with powerful multimedia enjoyment at home or on-the-go."
- P.C. Wang, Corporate Vice President & General Manager, Notebook Business Unit System Business Group of ASUS

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(1) R840 is approximately 8 watts at idle + FB is approximately 9.6 watts at idle, for a total of 17.6 watts. Optimus CULV+GT215 , is a total 8 watts at idle, as GT215 is electrically off. 8 watts compared to 17.6 watts is more than 2x power savings.

Contact Information: For further information, contact: Brian Burke NVIDIA Corporation (512) 401-4385 bburke@nvidia.com

The Asus U30Jc will be one of the first notebooks on the market with NVIDIA Optimus technology. ''NVIDIA Optimus is a game changer for the notebook PC industry.''
- Dr. Jon Peddie, President of Jon Peddie Research ''Optimus fixes what is broken with switchable graphics.'' 
- Roger Kay, president of Endpoint Technologies Associates