Lineage Power Delivers New Mobile Internet Solutions

Total Efficiency(TM) Architecture Recaptures Energy Loss and Lowers Cooling Requirements for 4G/LTE

PLANO, TX--(Marketwire - February 16, 2010) -  Lineage Power Corporation, a Gores Group company and the first name in power, today announced end-to-end Total Efficiency™ (TE) telecom power solutions designed to reduce energy requirements for Mobile Internet infrastructures based on fourth generation (4G) Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology. Whether expanding existing locations or deploying new ones, the Lineage TE architecture addresses end-to-end power requirements for Mobile Telephony Switching Offices (MTSO/MSC), outside plant (OSP) cabinets for optical backhaul networks, and cell site equipment huts and shelters.

Lineage Power's Infinity™ D and Infinity™ M energy systems are purpose-built to provide the necessary efficiency, reliability and dual-voltage flexibility that wireless carriers demand as they expand capacity at existing locations and provision new cell sites. Ready-to-ship configurations of the Infinity power plants, with associated professional services and training, can be rapidly deployed within two weeks. When used with Galaxy Manager™ software featuring remote fault, configuration and asset management, these new hardware offerings ensure operations personnel have a complete digital dashboard view across the power infrastructure. 

"Over 1 billion new smart phones will be delivered globally in the next two years and today, nearly one-third of Americans are already using the Mobile Internet," said Craig Witsoe, CEO of Lineage Power. "It all needs more advanced power management. Lineage's Total Efficiency architecture is unique in its ability to reduce utility and cooling costs while leveraging existing investments to help wireless network operators scale their networks at lower relative costs." 

The Infinity M and Infinity D offerings are the first products delivered under the TE architecture for Mobile Internet applications. Available immediately, the Infinity™ TE rectifiers and converters can be used interchangeably in either the Infinity M or Infinity D platforms to simplify sparing and support requirements. Infinity TE rectifiers and converters are fully backwards compatible with currently deployed Lineage Power Infinity power bays and shelves. 

The modular Infinity M is hardened for extreme environmental conditions and is purpose-built for high-availability wireless telecom applications with distributed fault tolerance features. Universal power shelves are 1U tall with four slots that accept any Infinity TE series rectifier or converter interchangeably in any slot for the ultimate in -48V and +24V rectification and conversion flexibility, at capacities up to 1800 Amps.

The Infinity D offers -48V and +24V rectification and conversion flexibility, but in a distributed form factor that enables low initial investment with future expansion potential, at capacities up to 1600 Amps. Each Infinity D system module is an optimized combination of power and distribution capabilities to minimize cost and avoid excess capacity.

"As the number of smart phones, eBook readers and tablet computers increases, wireless telecom infrastructures must be expanded and upgraded to support thousands of voice, video and data applications for subscribers," said Greg Fasullo, VP and general manager of Energy Systems for Lineage Power.

It's estimated that Apple iPhone users spend 300 percent more time accessing the Internet than typical smart phone users, while requiring 40 times the bandwidth of a traditional cell phone. An estimated 80,000 cell sites in the U.S. will require upgrades or expansion in the next five years just to keep pace with iPhone subscriber growth. The Motorola Droid bandwidth requirements are driving Ethernet over fiber deployments to 90% of cell sites by 2013.

"Controlling energy loss and cooling cost for these new cell sites is more than an idea -- Lineage Power is already supporting Indus Towers to deploy and manage over 100,000 telecom towers across the globe," Fasullo concluded. 

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The Lineage Power Infinity energy systems are approved for deployment with contract pricing at AT&T, Verizon Wireless and other wireless carriers. For more information please call 877-LINEAGE or +1 972 244 WATT.

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