InDorse Technologies Introduces InDorse Call-Home(TM) -- Innovative Document Tracking

Call-Home Tracks and Reports Usage -- Everywhere a Document Travels -- for the Life of the Document

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 16, 2010) -  InDorse Technologies, the leading provider of context-based-data assurance and protection, today announced InDorse Call-Home™, an innovative network-based, file assurance security solution that tracks file activities upon end user access and follows the file to report its usage -- anywhere and for the life of the file. Without the use of gated website forms or end user software, InDorse Call-Home reports who opened the file, when, where, and to whom they forwarded the file to. What solutions like Google Analytics are for websites, InDorse Call-Home is to documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other business files. 

"Once sales, marketing, and other valued materials, such as Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and Adobe PDFs, leave a corporate domain, it's nearly impossible to learn who has been accessing them and where they are going," said Rob Marano, CEO, InDorse Technologies. "We developed InDorse Call-Home to specifically address this issue by tracking the document recipient's profile and session -- completely transparent to the end user -- while abiding by privacy restrictions."

Without the use of an annoying gated-form prompting individuals to relinquish name, email, phone, company, and other information, InDorse Call-Home automatically gathers this same data -- behind the scenes as a file is opened -- allowing people interested in digital materials to simply click, open, and save or forward.

InDorse Technologies has selected PPTshare, the leader in presentation management and hosting solutions, as one of several premier SaaS partners to sell and support InDorse Call-Home as a SaaS offering. James Ontra, CEO of PPTshare, underscores the value of InDorse Call-Home for his clients, "Our clients share a lot sales and marketing documents from our hosted sites. Giving them the ability to see if their proposal or presentation was actually opened and then forwarded on helps them qualify their prospect(s), allocate their own resources accordingly, and therefore close more business."

InDorse Call-Home's file tracking features enable:

  • Tracking usage pattern statistics of all Microsoft and Adobe PDF files;

  • Administrators to view the exact location of a file's "open," including company name and location;

  • Trending analysis to determine the usage of specific, individual documents;

  • Precise measurement to benchmark the most valuable files, including marketing or sales materials;

  • Real-time file tracking visibility via an intuitive web interface and customizable analysis and visualization.

InDorse Call-Home can be purchased in two ways:

  • On-Premise Installation
    Contact InDorse Sales at +1-646-495-0966, +44-1491-845-405 or at
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
    Please contact one of InDorse's premier Call-Home SaaS providers:
    • In the U.S., call PPTshare at +1-212-213-1315 or visit, where you can sign up for a free trial.
    • In the U.K., visit Sirius Data at

About PPTshare

PPTshare ( is a leader in presentation management and hosting solutions. PPTshare's software services, which include all SecureWorksites, PPTshare Online Library, PPTshare Desktop Slide Library, PPTshare Enterprise Edition, the PPTshuffle, and now, Call-Home, have helped both individuals and large organizations simplify and manage their presentation and video content, drastically reducing the administrative time it takes to create and distribute presentations. Clients include: Dell, Cisco, Bloomberg, ABC National Television Sales, Eastman Kodak, BET, Showtime, Food Network, HGTV, Do-it-Yourself and Great American Country, Comcast, CBS Interactive, and CBS Networks. For more information visit:, and

About InDorse Technologies

Located in New York, NY, InDorse Technologies provides award-winning solutions that ensure the integrity and security of business-critical, sensitive information. InDorse delivers a new level of information accountability that cuts across an organization's departmental silos to provide a unified, holistic view into every person and every application/service that touches sensitive information. Leveraging the native security elements contained in most documents, InDorse discovers, organizes, classifies, and tracks all activity associated with sensitive information. Our customers achieve new value in their ability to derive information transparency by providing comprehensive security, better risk management, greater adherence to internal business governance as well as external regulatory and industry mandates. For more information, about InDorse Technologies, please dial +1 646-495-0966 or visit

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