FIRST ROI to Become BancVue Interactive

FIRST ROI Unites With the BancVue Family

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - March 2, 2010) - FIRST ROI, a company that develops innovative, market-ready interactive products and services for community financial institutions, announced today that the firm is joining its parent company, BancVue, and thus changing its name to BancVue Interactive. The announcement comes on the fourth anniversary of FIRST ROI's formation in 2006. 

BancVue's mission is to empower its partners to win the war against the mega banks with innovative products, world-class marketing, ongoing training and data-driven consulting. The firm's REALChecking® system of products delivers controlled growth through new accounts, non-interest income, higher profitability, and increased retention.

"Since its inception, FIRST ROI has worked closely with BancVue, but over the years we've grown more and more interdependent," said John Waupsh, CEO of BancVue Interactive. "This new union celebrates the reality that we're now one extraordinary force, sharing the BancVue name and mission, working hard to make our products and our clients an absolute success."

Complementary Purpose
Today, BancVue Interactive helps over 450 community banks and credit unions nationwide capture more consumers online, ease them through a sales funnel, and convert them into new accounts. In partnership with BancVue, the firm has built a reputation for consistently exceeding expectations in terms of service, design, quality, marketing expertise, and return on investment.

BancVue Interactive's products include FIRSTBranch®, a dynamic online marketing system for community financial institutions that uses sophisticated search marketing to generate leads and convert them into new accounts, and INMO®, an online account opening system with the highest new account funding rate in the industry. was developed as a joint venture between BancVue Interactive and BancVue. A revolutionary search engine that offers users the ability to find, compare, and open a checking account online, successfully combined the two firms' specific product development and online delivery capabilities. Similarly, the two companies brought their complementary skills together with the launch last year of Kasasa™, a national brand of superior products designed to unite community financial institutions with the marketing scale they need to compete and win.

"In spirit, we've always functioned as a single team focused on the same mission," said Don Shafer, BancVue's chairman. "This announcement is a fitting recognition of that interdependence."

Future Focused
Encouraged by the overwhelming success of recent product launches, both firms expect to maintain a solid growth trajectory in 2010. Given the growing number of community financial institutions entering the online arena, the firms will be looking at providing solutions for marketing in the digital age. As always, Waupsh says product development will be dedicated to empowering community banks and credit unions with research-driven products and innovative marketing solutions.

"Our teams, our products, our systems, and now our companies are becoming more aligned each day," says Waupsh. "That's a truly magical thing."

About BancVue Interactive
BancVue Interactive, formerly FIRST ROI, is a full-service marketing firm exclusively focused on helping community financial institutions win the war against the mega banks and direct banks by providing online and offline marketing strategy and execution. Serving more than 450 community financial institutions, the firm is best known for its FIRSTBranch® and INMO® offerings that fortify community financial institutions with everything necessary to profitably acquire online accounts. BancVue Interactive is a subsidiary of BancVue, the leading provider of innovative software, marketing, and consulting solutions to community financial institutions nationwide. For more information, visit

About BancVue
BancVue is the leading provider of innovative products, marketing, and consulting solutions to community financial institutions nationwide. Serving over 650 community banks and credit unions around the country, BancVue's solutions allow these institutions to compete and win in the war against the megabanks and direct banks. Community financial institutions benefit from the development and implementation of BancVue products like Kasasa™, a national brand of superior products that gives community financial institutions marketing scale, and REALChecking®, a system of groundbreaking products, superior marketing, and data-driven consulting. For more information, visit

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