Seventh Generation Partners With Author Alexandra Zissu to Share New Products and Tips From Her Book, "The Conscious Kitchen," to Get Your Kitchen Responsibly Clean

BURLINGTON, VT--(Marketwire - March 15, 2010) - It's that time of year again, time to pick up your cleaning supplies to give your house a good scrub down for spring. But not so fast, before you reach for your favorite cleaning product, there's a new line of household disinfectant wipes and sprays on store shelves that "kill germs* naturally" with the help of botanically pure plant extracts.

Seventh Generation, the company that has lead the "responsible cleaning" charge for the past twenty years, is tapping into the disinfecting power of the herb thyme, to introduce an EPA registered disinfectant that kills germs* naturally! The company is also partnering with eco-lifestyle consultant and author of "The Conscious Kitchen" (March 2010, Clarkson Potter/ Publishers), Alexandra Zissu, to educate consumers about no compromise solutions to clean their homes.

"Parents are in information overload and afraid that we're not doing enough to keep our families healthy," said Zissu. "Now there is a simple choice with Seventh Generation's new botanical disinfectant that kills germs* naturally."

Here's some food for thought, 37 percent of parents buy organic produce when available (according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive and commissioned by Seventh Generation), yet most will put that organic produce on a surface that was cleaned with cleaning products that may contain harsh chemicals.

"I make a conscious choice to avoid food grown with chemical pesticides. So when it comes to cleaning my kitchen, I make a similar effort," said Zissu. "Cleaning product residues can remain on surfaces post-scrubbing. I don't want those getting on my carefully sourced organic chicken! This is easily avoided by using a botanical disinfecting cleaner that doesn't need a rinse step."

Here are a few of Zissu's other tips for maintaining a healthy kitchen:

-- Home is Where the Clean Is

Your standard cleaners are good for removing soils and dirt from kitchen surfaces, but to tackle germs you need a cleaner that is effective against bacteria and viruses. Many cleaners contain ingredients that have antimicrobial properties such as vinegar or hydrogen peroxide, but the germ killing power of these is not necessarily guaranteed. To be sure you are killing germs, use an EPA registered disinfectant. Seventh Generation tapped into the disinfecting power of the common garden herb thyme, to create a disinfecting cleaner that is EPA registered to kill germs* naturally.

Seventh Generation Green Kitchen Tips... Add One

-- Change is Good

Choosing cleaning products without indoor air pollutants like volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, is a simple and effective way to reduce your indoor air pollution. How do you tell if the product you're using contains a VOC? If it has that "clean" smell, chances are that the smell is actually chemicals that can be dangerous to our health.

-- Think before you spray

Residues from cleaning products can last on a surface for a long time and travel to areas that we do not intend them to. Don't contaminate your food by prepping it on a surface that may contain harsh chemical residues -- rinse cleaning products from food preparation surfaces carefully or use botanical disinfecting cleaners that do not require a rinse step.

-- Make the Old New Again

Think twice about the items that you're using to clean and dry your kitchen equipment and dishes. Use rags (like old t-shirts and washcloths) instead of paper towels. If you aren't prepared to kick your paper towel addiction just yet, use only recycled versions that are unbleached or haven't been whitened with chemicals containing chlorine.

-- The Writing is on the... Sponge

Be sure to read the fine print on sponges and do not purchase antimicrobial sponges, as they might have been treated with pesticides. Remember to store sponges in a dry place and frequently clean them by popping wet sponges in a microwave for two minutes or boiling sponges for three minutes in water.

-- Mom Was Right, Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands with soap and water before and after prepping food, and always before eating. So much of what can be potentially harmful in a kitchen can be reduced by this simple act that doesn't require any harsh chemicals whatsoever.

Seventh Generation's disinfecting sprays and wipes are the first disinfecting cleaners to meet Whole Foods Market's stringent ingredient standards. The active ingredient in the line is thymol, a component of thyme oil which is derived from the herb thyme With the help of breakthrough technology developed by CleanWell Company, the power of this popular herb has been harnessed into a product that is effective against Influenza A Virus including H1N1 and other germs*.

The four-SKU disinfectant line available for retail shelves in February 2010 includes:

-- Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner, 26oz
   (MSRP $2.99 - $3.99)
-- Seventh Generation Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner, 26oz
   (MSRP $2.99 - 3.99)
-- Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes, 35-count canister
   (MSRP $2.99 - $3.99)
-- Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes, 70-count canister 
   (MSRP $4.99 - $6.69)

Retailers expected to introduce the new product line include Whole Foods Market, Target, Kroger, Publix, Super Valu, Stop & Shop, Babies 'R' Us,, and local natural grocers nationally.

About Seventh Generation Disinfectants

An innovative partnership with CleanWell Company, makers of the patented thyme-based disinfecting technology, brings you a new line of Seventh Generation Disinfecting Cleaners that are Powered By Cleanwell™. The active ingredient in the disinfectant line, thymol, is a component of thyme oil which is derived from the herb thyme. The products kill 99.99 percent of germs* naturally in a streak-free formula that enables quick and easy cleaning. Made with essential oils including thyme and lemongrass, the products deodorize and effectively control odors. Additionally, the disinfecting products do not smear or spot, and the wipe material is processed chlorine free. Seventh Generation's disinfectants are classified in the lowest of four EPA toxicity categories.

About Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is committed to being the most trusted brand of household and personal-care products for your living home. Our products are healthy solutions for the air, surfaces, fabrics, pets, and people within your home -- and for the community and environment outside of it. Seventh Generation also offers baby products chlorine free diapers and baby wipes.

The company derives its name from the Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy that states, "In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations." Every time you use a Seventh Generation product you are making a difference by saving natural resources, reducing pollution, and making the world a better place for this and the next seven generations.

For information on Seventh Generation cleaning, paper, baby and feminine personal care products, to find store locations, and explore the company's website visit To read more about Seventh Generation's corporate responsibility, visit the Corporate Consciousness Report at:

About CleanWell Company

CleanWell Company's mission was born over a decade ago from a family's need to find cleaning and disinfecting products that could be used around the founder's severely immune compromised son. The CleanWell scientific team was the first to discover how to blend thyme to kill 99.99% of germs* naturally. CleanWell is passionately committed to developing innovative solutions that offer consumers a way to clean without compromise. For information about CleanWell Company visit

About the Survey

This Seventh Generation survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Interactive on behalf of Coyne PR from March 5 to March 9, 2009 among 2,852 adults ages 18 and older, of whom 757 are the parent or legal guardian of a child/children under the age of 18 that lives in their household. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated. For complete survey methodology, including weighting variables, please contact Erin Bobal at

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