TYZX Expands Portfolio With Two New Patents on High Performance Stereo Vision Systems

MENLO PARK, CA--(Marketwire - April 5, 2010) -  TYZX®, the 3D vision technology company, today announced the issuance of two patents covering claims about performance optimization and data quality for stereo vision systems and stereo vision applications. The first patent, U.S. patent 7,576,702, entitled "Data Processing System and Method," covers claims for the use of parallel stereo vision for guiding robots and other unmanned systems. The patent also includes claims covering the use of data integrity checks during parallel stereo correlation and claims covering how applications can use stereo correlation results. The second patent, U.S. patent 7,664,315, entitled "Integrated Image Processor," includes claims that address the integration of additional functional units with stereo correlation to improve performance with greater parallelism and efficiency. These functional units implement vision tasks such as 3D data projection and background modeling in real time, eliminating latency and processing burden for applications such as person-tracking and robot guidance. Stereo correlation is the primary technology used across the vision industry for collecting 3D data without the use of lasers.

TYZX has now received twelve patents for its stereo vision technology.

"TYZX continues to invest in the research and development of high-performance, highly efficient stereo vision," said Ron Buck, CEO of TYZX. "TYZX's current patent portfolio broadly addresses mechanisms critical to high-performance stereo vision systems. These new additions cover the use and integration of this technology to drive performance up and cost down in applications such as person-tracking and navigating robots and other unmanned systems."

For more information about TYZX patents, visit http://www.tyzx.com/technology/patents.html.

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