PeopleMaps Safe Contact Sharing Leverages an Entire Organization's Contacts to Reveal Warm Introductions to Sales Targets

New Tool Harnesses the Collective Rolodex of Organizations to Streamline Sales Teams' Networking Efforts While Maintaining Privacy

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - April 7, 2010) -  PeopleMaps, the leading social selling application, today announced Safe Contact Sharing, an innovative, first of its kind tool that leverages the collective relationships within an organization to enable warm introductions to sales targets.

For each of a company's sales prospects, PeopleMaps identifies which employees, Board members, customer references and corporate partners have a strong personal or professional relationship with the sales prospect, without exposing any personal details. Now companies have an easy, automated way to leverage relationships in order to reach targets while maintaining privacy standards. Safe Contact Sharing is available as part of the PeopleMaps Professional Edition.

PeopleMaps is an innovative application that gives business professionals deep insight into how they are connected to all of their sales prospects by maintaining a massive Universal Social Graph made up of everyone's personal and professional relationships.

PeopleMaps' Safe Contact Sharing identifies when someone in -- or affiliated with -- your organization can make a warm introduction to a sales prospect. Entire organizations can register and easily sign up to unite their sales efforts with PeopleMaps' powerful path-finding algorithms. Though each person's contacts are leveraged to determine "who knows who," contact details like phone numbers, email addresses and notes are never shared. All uploaded contacts remain private and are only visible to the user who uploaded them.

"Safe Contact Sharing unleashes the incredible power of relationships without putting those relationships in jeopardy by exposing personal information," said Tim Sheehan, CEO of 7 Degrees, the company that created PeopleMaps. "Connections are the key to warm introductions. Connecting the dots has never been easier."

Any organization or business that depends on relationship building can benefit from Safe Contact Sharing to expand and accelerate their outreach in a more personal way, allowing:

  • sales teams to get warm introductions to sales targets;
  • recruiters to get in touch with the most talented professionals and find objective references;
  • fundraisers to get warm introductions to donors;
  • political campaigns to call voters with whom they have the most in common;
  • and financial advisors to get warm introductions to new potential clients.

"Safe Contact Sharing has been a great asset for our team, and it is tremendously helpful to tap into our organization's entire network with PeopleMaps. The key to this tool is that we can get warm introductions to the people and companies we want to reach while maintaining the privacy of our connections," said Bob Swedroe, president and CEO of Expandable Software.

The PeopleMaps Professional Edition, which includes the Safe Contact Sharing functionality is available for $49 per month. The Free and Professional Editions are now available at

About PeopleMaps
PeopleMaps is a powerful business application that allows professionals to see how they are connected to any person or company. PeopleMaps comprehensively searches personal and public data sources, performing the deepest and broadest search available in the marketplace today to show the best Connection Paths to any person or any company. The PeopleMaps Professional Edition is optimized for sales teams and integrates into to automate relationship selling and significantly accelerate sales.

The PeopleMaps application is provided by 7 Degrees Inc., which was founded in 2007 in Salt Lake City, Utah. 7 Degrees is venture-backed by vSpring Capital and Parkview Ventures. For more information, please visit:

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