Entrepreneur Andy Willoughby Announces Tips: How to Live Debt Free and Make Money From Home While Feeding Starving Children Overseas

KANSAS CITY, MO--(Marketwire - April 8, 2010) -  Frank Easterly and his wife are living debt-free and making money from their home business while helping to end world hunger. They chose Andy Willoughby's 3 Step Meal Pack Plan because they were able to give back to those in need while meeting and exceeding their own financial needs.

"This is the ultimate pay it forward project: doing well by doing good," Easterly said. "Andy Willoughby shared his 3 Step Plan Goodness Project and how you could feed the starving children around the world, and build a home business as well."

"The 3 Step Plan from Andy Willoughby and the XanGo™ meal packs have given us the chance to feed the starving children and to have extra funds to retire two years earlier than previously planned," said the Easterlys. "We are excited to watch our business grow with the 3 step meal pack plan and are targeting 3000 meals per month, each and every month going out to feed the starving children and to establish extra money to other charities and organizations."

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Entrepreneur Andy Willoughby developed a program which aims to enrich family life while also maximizing earning potential. www.newworkbeginnings.org or www.givingliving.org

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