Leading Makers of OTC Medicines Join With the National Association of School Nurses in New Effort to Prevent Teen Medicine Abuse

Program Connects Parents and School Nurses From "Home to Homeroom" in the Fight Against Teen Medicine Abuse

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - April 13, 2010) -  The Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) and the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) today announced the launch of "Home to Homeroom," an educational program that teams parents with the medical expert in their teen's school -- the school nurse -- to help prevent and address teen medicine abuse. Parents play a pivotal role in keeping kids drug-free. Research shows that kids who learn a lot from their parents about the risks of drug abuse are up to half as likely to use.

Troubling Teen Statistics Underscore Need for Education
Multiple national surveys point to the disturbing abuse of prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, like OTC cough medicine, among today's teens. In the 2009 Monitoring the Future report, six percent of high school teens admit to having abused cough medicine to get high in the past year, and, as a strong wake-up call for those parents who think their kid isn't affected, in the 2009 Partnership Attitude Tracking Study (PATS), thirty-three percent of high school teens say they know someone who has abused cough medicine.

"The makers of OTC medicines have been aggressive in their efforts to prevent cough medicine abuse among teens and we are proud to partner with NASN in bringing parents the resources they need to have regular conversations with their teens about the real risks of medicine abuse," said Linda A. Suydam, D.P.A., CHPA president.

School Nurses on the Frontlines of Teen Issues
Working on the frontlines every day, school nurses know the range of issues parents deal with concerning the development and welfare of their teens and often serve as a valuable ally to parents.

"Medicine abuse is a serious issue that needs to be on every parent's radar," said Amy Garcia, NASN executive director. "Parents should know that they are the most powerful voice in their teens' lives."

Empowering Parents From 'Home to Homeroom'
Ongoing education and communication are the keys to prevention. Home to Homeroom provides parents with advice and tools on how to integrate medicine abuse into regular "drug" talks with teens. Parents should visit StopMedicineAbuse.org