ImagenGlass by Jockimo Incorporated Featured on Cover of Glass Magazine

Leading Glass Industry Publication Showcases Beauty and Design Versatility of New ImagenGlass

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., April 15, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jockimo Incorporated – a leading innovator and developer of advanced architectural products and specialty art glass – today announced that its new ImagenGlass™ is featured on the cover of Glass Magazine's April 2010 issue.

Recently introduced ImagenGlass™ (pronounced "Imagine" Glass) offers extremely high quality images for Specialty Laminated Glass (SLG) designs. It is an exciting new process that opens unlimited design capabilities for architects and photographers that are only limited by one's imagination. The word "Imagen" means image, or picture, in Spanish.

The residential installation depicted on the April cover of Glass Magazine captures both the dramatic design versatility and vibrant imagery of new ImagenGlass. The ultra modern decor is highlighted with bold colors and crystal clear glass art images all throughout this concept kitchen – extending from the bright and cheery countertop to the beauty of naturally themed windows and is continued overhead with rich and colorful continuity in the lighting.

New print technologies – utilizing special photographic quality dyes applied to PET foil and laminated inside of glass to ASTM standards – allow ImagenGlass to create vivid images with extreme clarity and sharpness that far outperforms any other printed image glass products on the market today.

"Printing on glass ... or printing on film and laminating it inside of glass ... is very popular today," notes Jockimo President, Tim Czechowski. "However, until now, existing print technology generally produced oversized images with visible dot patterns or a grainy, fuzzy look ... often a result of poor images that were too pixilated or with unsightly jagged edges due to over resolution of an image."

"We are extremely excited about the unlimited design possibilities offered by the crisp and clear imagery of ImagenGlass and we are honored that Glass Magazine chose it for their April cover," adds Czechowski. "And we know that once architects, designers and photographers see it ... and experience it ... they'll be excited too. Everyone agrees ... ImagenGlass is unlike any other product currently on the market."

ImagenGlass can be fabricated in various thicknesses for desired strength, depending on its application. It can be provided as insulated glass units, glass flooring, fire-rated glass and many other specialty decorative glasses. Maximum image size is 56" wide by 120" long.

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Founded in 1998 as Artwork in Architectural Glass (AAG), the company fast became an industry leader as a manufacturer of quality glass flooring and cast glass products. In 2004, Jockimo Incorporated was formed to meet a growing demand for specialty art glass products designed to fulfill extremely precise architectural and esthetic requirements. In 2006 AAG was dissolved and products were folded into Jockimo product offerings. Today, Jockimo is a renown innovator, developer and acknowledged leader for advanced architectural products with an exclusive array of unique, exciting and interactive specialty solutions for architects and interior designers that include: UL Approved Glass Floors and Glass Treads, MirrorUnique Antique Mirror Glass, the industry's largest Cast Glass (panels up to 80" x 140"), exclusive ThickGlass and ColorFuse technologies, Specialty Laminated Glass (SLG) innovations – such as DichroGlass, HologramGlass and the new high-quality photographic imagery of ImagenGlass – and Living Surfaces Liquid Lava for floors, counter tops and table tops. For more information visit or call (949) 251-1560.

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