Nalco Mobotec Technology Helps PGE Elektrownia Opole Power Plant in Poland Meet EU NOx Emission Limits

Naperville, Illinois, UNITED STATES

OPOLE, Poland and WALNUT CREEK, Calif., April 19, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nalco Mobotec, Inc. announced today it has successfully demonstrated the ability of its ROFA® (Rotating Opposed Fire Air) and ROTAMIX® air protection technologies at the PGE Elektrownia Opole power plant in Poland. These technologies have reduced NOx (oxides of nitrogen) emissions from the plant's Unit 3 generator below stringent new European Union (EU) limits of 200 mg/nm3. This is the first modernization project in Poland to reduce NOx emissions to meet the 200 mg/nm3 standard.

The project included extensive review of boiler operation, and utilised computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling simulations to understand the baseline performance of the 380-megawatt unit and to optimise the design of the Nalco Mobotec solution. The combined effect of burner modifications and Nalco Mobotec technology reduced NOx emissions well below the EU emissions limits, six years ahead of the 2016 deadline for compliance.

"Nalco Mobotec provided a cost-effective way to improve our sustainability performance by meeting the emissions regulations while allowing the plant to continue to operate at current production and profitability levels," said Mirosław Skowron, Chairman of the Board, CEO of PGE Opole Power Plant Inc.

"The Opole project extends Nalco Mobotec's proven ROFA and ROTAMIX technologies into the European marketplace," said David Johnson, Nalco Executive Vice President and President Europe, Africa and Middle East. "We delivered this project within budget and at a much lower capital cost than selective catalytic reduction technology. This success is a reflection of our drive to provide innovative, differentiated solutions that help our customers develop sustainable operations."

ROFA technology sets the furnace air in rotation via an asymmetric boosted over-fire air system, resulting in superior mixing and temperature distribution, for NOx reduction while optimising combustion.

The ROTAMIX system combines air injection nozzles with automatically regulated lances for the injection of chemicals into the furnace where the temperature is most favourable.

"Nalco Mobotec's multi-pollutant control solutions are just one aspect of Nalco's global research and development efforts that focus on producing innovative clean technologies to reduce water and energy use, protect expensive equipment and reduce air pollution," said Dr. Mani Ramesh, Nalco's Chief Technology Officer.

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