Dotomi's Promo Builder Media Channel Introduces Display Ads Into Brands' Multi-Channel Promotions -- Finally

Next Generation Online FSI Solution Lets Advertisers Launch and Manage Personalized, Date-Driven Display Advertising Campaigns on a Dime

Chicago, Illinois, UNITED STATES

CHICAGO, May 5, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dotomi, Inc. (, the leader in Personalized Media that's more relevant for consumers and more efficient for advertisers, today announced the rollout of Promo Builder, a dynamic new media channel developed to efficiently synchronize a marketers display messaging with their onsite and in-store promotions to increase relevancy and sales. Promo Builder creates a new twist on the typical online FSI by allowing advertisers to confidently use personalized display media as part of their ongoing dialogue with consumers across media channels.

The secret to Promo Builder is that it works at the user level. Using Dotomi's Personalized Media engine, Promo Builder allows large and small retailers who may be running tens or hundreds of promotions at one time, to first fit the right user to the right promotion based on their profile, then create messages and run media for those individual users. In that sense, Promo Builder is able to deliver a personalized FSI to every single consumer.

"Historically, brands have struggled to use display to support their many seasonal or sale item promotions because the creative, trafficking and media costs are too high to make all those timely changes," said John Giuliani, Chairman and CEO of Dotomi. "But Promo Builder acts like the electricity and light switch that flows into your home. The media is always there – all you have to do is make a few message changes and turn it on – and like the light switch, your media immediately starts flowing. You can even schedule when to turn it on. This removes the cost and friction involved in synchronizing your messages. So marketers can focus on increasing site traffic to support the needs of their ongoing promotional calendar events." 

The Promo Builder media channel was designed to allow a single campaign manager to develop and run highly-targeted promos (i.e. 15% off all appliances - this weekend only), site wide promotions such as Black Friday (i.e. save 10% and free shipping on everything until 2:00 p.m. today) or inventory clearances (i.e. 25% off on all winter coats), instead of relying on a six-person team of designers, developers, copywriters, traffic managers, etc. to produce the same results. Also, marketers needing to create and run reactive promotional efforts on the fly due to competitive pricing or sluggish sales also benefit from Promo Builder's ease of use. 

Said Giuliani, "The beauty of the Promo Builder is in its ability to turn around highly dynamic, user-level FSI-type messaging within minutes. All aspects of a display ad – text, images, design, URLs, tracking parameters and more – can be adjusted and deployed very efficiently in real time, allowing brands to deliver the right promotional message, to the right user, at the right time. "

The flexibility of Promo Builder offers multiple benefits:

  • Improved revenue – by placing the best deals in front of in-market consumers,
  • Creating awareness of promotions and driving demand – by utilizing display ads at the same time and with the same message as all other channels,
  • Moving targeted inventory – by promoting short term inventory deals on select products,
  • Micro targeting to individual target groups – by promoting certain products or changing the value of the offer only to users that qualify,
  • Store-level promotions – geo targeting allows for store-level marketing and event promotions, and
  • Increased efficiency – through reduced steps, fast edits, quick approvals and reliable message delivery.

Dotomi's Personalized Media

Unlike behavioral targeting that only markets to segments, Dotomi's Personalized Media approach uses algorithms and machine-learning to market dynamically at the individual level. Decisions for creative, media, offer and context are made at the consumer level to improve relevancy and increase conversion.

About Dotomi 

Founded in 2003, Dotomi, Inc. is helping marketers rethink display advertising with a new approach called Personalized Media.  This approach allows decisions such as the banner creative and media placement to be determined in real-time at the user and impression level.  By making every online impression unique, consumers enjoy more meaningful advertisements and companies enjoy higher returns and improved user engagement.  For more information on Dotomi, visit


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