Rwiz Offers Ability to Quickly Validate Data During PeopleSoft HRMS Upgrades

IT, HRIS and End-Users Benefit Through Easier, More Complete Testing

WALTHAM, MA--(Marketwire - May 17, 2010) -  Rwiz®, the intuitive report writer from Enterprise Information Resources Inc.™ (EIR), is cutting PeopleSoft® upgrade times through features that make it easy for IT, HRIS and end-users to test and validate data. By running Rwiz reports against planned data extracts, functional and technical testers can easily compare before and after data to find inconsistencies ahead of deployment. 

Rwiz can execute any size query (no limits on row level exports) allowing large amounts of data to be easily captured and compared. Data from Rwiz reports run before and after data conversions can be quickly reviewed using a utility such as Beyond Compare (from Scooter Software). This allows IT and HRIS to find discrepancies before the end-users begin their testing. The efficiencies gained with Rwiz allow more tests to be run in a shorter period of time.

"The process of validating data during upgrades can become as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack," stated France Lampron, CEO of EIR. "But with a planned, systematic approach and the right tool, an organization can significantly cut upgrade time. Rwiz is a great tool for IT, HR and those closest to the data -- the end user." 

Rwiz is easily incorporated into a PeopleSoft upgrade or current deployment. PS Query reports are easily converted into Rwiz providing users with additional functions such as the ability to run large queries and access to new report writing features such as:

  • Create sophisticated queries/reports joining a large number of tables including the use of Outer Joins, i.e., joining to another table whether the data matches or not. With multiple tables joined, Rwiz performance offers more functionality than PeopleSoft Query.

  • Create any number of derived fields using a wizard which lets you build simple to highly complex expressions. This feature is great for setting flags if a person meets one set of criteria versus another.

  • Create reports with predefined totals such as Sum, Average, Counts, etc. Custom Total Formulas can be quickly defined with an easy-to-use wizard.

Rwiz is a proven, easy-to-use reporting tool that automates and streamlines report writing and distribution to provide users with quick information access while addressing the security concerns of corporate IT. Rwiz connects directly to an organization's ERP database or data warehouse so there is no need to enlist IT to add new fields to a business intelligence system prior to its use. Rwiz provides end-users with little or no SQL programming experience the ability to write complex queries that your ERP system's query tool can't handle. A robust product, Rwiz has been in use at a number of mid-sized and multi-national corporations for over 10 years.

About Enterprise Information Resources Inc.

Enterprise Information Resources Inc. is dedicated to maximizing ERP investments by providing products and services that address specific application requirements. With proven tools and a team of functional and technical experts, EIR is ready to lead your team through a PeopleSoft upgrade, a module implementation or other consulting engagements. Founded by France Lampron, award-winning software developer and entrepreneur, EIR continues to develop and enhance products such as Rwiz, an intuitive query tool for PeopleSoft developers and users.

EIR is a trademark and Rwiz is a registered trademark of Enterprise Information Resources Inc. PeopleSoft is a registered trademark of the Oracle Corporation. Beyond Compare is a trademark of Scooter Software Inc.

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