DesignArt Networks Debuts DAN3000 Family With Pair of Mobile Base Station SoCs

DAN3400 and DAN3100 Single-SoC Solutions for Compact BTS and RRH Applications

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS--(Marketwire - May 18, 2010) -  DesignArt Networks, the leading provider of single-chip 4G base station SoCs with actual field deployments, today announced the first two members of its next-generation DAN3000 open SoC family. With the DAN3400 and DAN3100 SoCs, DesignArt provides system vendors with a complete end-to-end development framework for any type of base station product, enabling single-SoC solutions ranging from picocell access points to large-scale distributed MacroBTS applications.

"The DAN3400 and DAN3100 SoCs extend DesignArt's patented System-on-Chip approach, leading two evolution paths of the mobile base station architecture -- distributed and Compact BTS solutions," said Oz Barak, DesignArt Networks CEO. "With these new SoCs, DesignArt enables tremendous cost-savings for vendors targeting any kind of mobile 2G, 3G, or 4G technology. The pin-compatible DAN3000 SoC family offers a unique single-SoC R&D development framework for any type, size and performance of mobile base station product, thus drastically extending our customers' market reach. By lowering R&D expenses, creating ultra-compact products at lower costs, and enabling higher revenues in an extended target market, we clearly have created a winning proposition for our customers."

The DAN3400 is the flagship SoC of DesignArt's new technology platform. The unique and patented multi-layer, multi-core architecture of the DAN3400 is comprised of two completely software-defined high-performance sub-systems -- an embedded base station and a digital front-end design for high-output RF applications. The DAN3400 extends DesignArt's current lead in the single-box Compact BTS market, enabling Compact BTS solutions ranging from the lowest-cost 4G access points all the way up to multi-carrier, multi-protocol, multi-sector macrocells, based on one single R&D software and hardware development framework.

The DAN3100 offers a targeted solution for digital radio designs, e.g. multi-carrier, multi-mode remote radio head (RRH) products. In combination, the DAN3400 and the DAN3100 are the only available end-to-end distributed base station silicon solutions on the market, ranging from low-cost distributed MicroBTS, up to the most powerful distributed MacroBTS systems. Vendors can use both versions of the pin-compatible SoC family, turning any RRH design instantly into a single-box macrocell Compact BTS with the same RF output power.

All members of the DAN3000 SoC family support the concurrent operation of 2G, 3G, and 4G services at the full performance level of macrocell base stations, providing operators with both future-proof and backwards compatible in-field software evolution paths all the way to full 4G.

"The mobile radio access network is about to transform to a new multi-layer architecture paradigm, as a cost-effective method of handling the mobile data explosion," said Aditya Kaul, Practice Director, Mobile Networks at ABI Research, "Going forward we expect to see the emergence of additional second or third layers comprised of many smaller base stations -- essentially delivering the required capacity density. Initially just deployed as a fill-in, these additional layers will soon extend to be a fundamental part of the mobile radio access network both indoors and outdoors. With the DAN3400 and DAN3100 SoC solutions DesignArt is well positioned in this emerging segment of SoC-based compact base stations for macro-, micro- and picocell applications, now addressing multi-standard mobile service networks."

The DAN3000 product family is comprised of several products ranging from picocell access points, compact base stations for macro-, micro- and picocells, and distributed macro base stations, to RRH, and high-capacity gigabit PtP and PmP backhaul systems.

First samples will be available to select customers in Q3 of 2010.

About DesignArt Networks

DesignArt Networks Ltd is the leading supplier of highly integrated System-on-Chip (SoC) infrastructure solutions for the evolving mobile radio access network. Based on a unique multi-layer, multi-core architecture, DAN open SoC platforms integrate in a single SoC product all four processing layers required for the design of any type of mobile radio access network (RAN) infrastructure product, ranging from base stations, radio heads, backhaul systems, and up to fully integrated multi-sector 4G base station systems with zero-cost self-backhaul -- on one chip. DesignArt provides a single powerful system development and debugging framework, including full-featured and trial-ready software applications. Vendors benefit from the resulting low-cost, yet powerful and flexible product portfolio, while drastically reducing R&D and life-cycle expenses, and optimizing time-to-market. Operators benefit from best-of-breed, yet compact RAN equipment with an absolute minimum of power consumption. 

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