Aprigo Announces the First Software as a Service (SaaS) Application to Deliver Simple and Affordable Unstructured Data Governance Compliance

In Minutes, Aprigo NINJA Discovers, Remediates, and Adds Controls to Continually Monitor Unstructured Data Security and Usage, and Meet Compliance Requirements

WALTHAM, MA--(Marketwire - May 18, 2010) - Aprigo, a provider of innovative unstructured data management solutions, today announced the first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) data governance application designed to help organizations prevent data breaches while saving time and money. Deployed as an affordable SaaS offering, Aprigo NINJA quickly discovers data vulnerabilities, identifies cost saving opportunities, remediates and monitors the environment by alerting appropriate resources of changes, controls data vulnerabilities, and streamlines the fixing of file permissions and access rights from a simple dashboard view.

"With more users and more unstructured data, one of the great IT struggles today is who has access to what data and how the file servers storing it are being utilized," said Gil Zimmermann, CEO and co-founder of Aprigo. "We took a unique approach to help solve this challenge with the Aprigo NINJA solution, delivering it as a simple and affordable SaaS offering that address the needs of small and mid-sized organizations. Within minutes, customers can identify exposed data in their environment, find and track who has access to that data, as well as determine how it is being used, and most importantly, make informed decisions to properly secure it and reduce the cost of storing it."

Aprigo NINJA: Take Control of Unstructured Data
Aprigo NINJA is the first suite of data governance compliance applications that are SaaS-based and focused on securing and reducing the cost of unstructured data. The product's SaaS meta-data-based architecture requires no changes to existing infrastructure or processes and no additional databases or agents, delivers immediate value, and makes it very easy to manage multiple remote sites. In just minutes, the Aprigo NINJA dashboard provides actionable compliance information to remediate vulnerabilities and reduce storage costs.

Enhancements to Aprigo NINJA include:

  • Data Vulnerability and Access Controls
    • Discover: Find data that is accessible to the "everyone" group and other unrestricted and unwanted groups. Additionally, see who has access to what files and file folder permissions.
    • Remediate: Get three steps to quickly fix the file and system permission issues.
    • Control: Generate email alerts to track and keep a history of changes to access rights to meet regulatory compliance and IT governance requirements.
  • Storage Management and Potential Cost Savings
    • Discover: Scan the environment to find unwanted files by any attribute including owner, date, size, and file type.
    • Remediate: Get three steps for deleting or moving unwanted files to reclaim disk space and see the potential savings with the built-in cost calculator.
    • Control: Keep a history of file usage throughout the environment and generate a point-in-time storage utilization audit.
  • IT Benchmarking
    • Includes the industry's first collective intelligence engine that compares customers' live IT environments, usage, and costs. Using anonymous aggregate data from all Aprigo NINJA users, users can compare their data with the rest of the Aprigo community.

Aprigo NINJA Availability
Aprigo NINJA is immediately available. For more information including pricing, contact Aprigo by emailing info@aprigo.com or calling (781) 996-4332. Aprigo also offers a free trial version of NINJA at http://www.aprigo.com.

About Aprigo
Headquartered in Waltham, Mass., Aprigo helps IT pros in small to mid-size companies better manage massive file growth both on-site and in the cloud. The Aprigo NINJA Software as a Service (SaaS) unstructured data governance application enables users to reduce cost and risk with a unique visual interaction model that makes sense of data. The company also offers an industry-first IT benchmarking capability that anonymously compares and contrasts the usage and costs of live customers IT environments. For more information about Aprigo, visit http://www.aprigo.com

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