B2Bee Simplifies Invoicing and Expense Management for Small Businesses With Web-Based Tool

The Bee Delivers the Right Size Solution for Professionals and Small Businesses That Were Not Made to Handle Numbers

CINCINNATI, OH--(Marketwire - May 20, 2010) - With the launch of the Bee, a web-based invoice and expense management tool, B2Bee, LLC is encouraging small business owners and other professionals to "step away from QuickBooks and stop pretending you're a part time accountant." The Bee, which is available online at www.GetTheBee.com, provides three core financial tools that small business owners need to get paid, manage their expenses and track their profitability. The Bee is available from any Web browser, providing an easily accessible, always-on solution to create and send invoices, document, categorize and track expenses, and produce reports to help monitor the pulse of the business.

For small businesses, the Bee provides:

  • Simple, one-time set-up;
  • Branded to look like a part of customer's business;
  • Pre-designed, professional invoicing templates that can emailed or mailed to clients;
  • Ability to document and categorize expenses by client or project for quick accounting and invoicing;
  • Online dashboard for quick view of financial state of the business;
  • Online profitability report provides quick comparison of revenues and expenses; and
  • Accountant's export report that generates a spreadsheet that can be shared with an external bookkeeper or accountant for tax preparation or analysis.

"The reaction of most people when they open accounting software like QuickBooks for the first time is 'Wow, what have I gotten myself into?'" said Scott Miller, founder and CEO of B2Bee. "Most small businesses owner don't need a complex piece of software to manage their finances, but in a way, we have been trained to turn to these types of solutions. We all use bulky pieces of software every day, but we are likely only using a small percentage of their capabilities. For small business owners, all they really need is a simple solution that will help them get paid while managing the money that is coming in and going out of their businesses."

"For many of our service clients with simple accounting needs, the Bee is a great solution," said Terry Grear, CPA of Grear and Company. "The Bee offers the right tools for small businesses to help quickly manage and track their finances, while collecting all the data our firm will need to help them with their quarterly and year-end taxes and planning."

Miller added, "Credit goes to companies like Apple and Google that have really pushed the concept of the 'App,' which is an intuitive, right-size tool for a variety of business and entertainment needs. I started the Bee because I wanted to make my customers' lives easier. For freelancers, small agencies, and other professionals that don't work with numbers all day, the Bee is all they will need."

The Bee is available to try for free for 30 days and on a monthly subscription plan of $14.00 per month thereafter. A portion of every monthly payment from every customer is donated to help fund honey bee sustainability research at Penn State University.

Visit the Bee at www.GettheBee.com for more information or follow the Bee on Twitter at http://twitter.com/B2Bee.

About B2Bee
Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, B2Bee, LLC delivers a SaaS (Software as a Service) to entrepreneurs and freelancers who "aren't made to handle numbers." Ideal B2Bee customers include consultants, small creative agencies, web developers, copywriters, and freelancers. The Bee is a right-size solution that includes invoicing, expense management, and profitability reporting; three core financial tools for helping small businesses manage their businesses. B2Bee has committed to help fund honey bee sustainability research at Penn State University, and a portion of all software subscription revenues go to help save the honey bees. For more information, visit www.getthebee.com.

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