Kona Blue's Kona Kampachi(R) "Back in the Market" July 18th

KONA, HI--(Marketwire - May 20, 2010) -  Kona Blue Water Farms, Inc. (www.kona-blue.com), the first integrated marine fish hatchery and open ocean mariculture operation in the US, today announced that its highly acclaimed Kona Kampachi® sashimi-grade fish will again be on the market as of July 18th. By then, the popular open ocean-grown Hawaiian yellowtail will have reached the minimum four-pound weight, and regular harvesting will resume. Kona Kampachi from the new cohort will be available for sampling at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago.

The fish were off market since November 2009 so that the offshore pens could be reconfigured. An additional quarter of a million Kona Kampachi have been stocked to the offshore pens, and are now almost grown to harvest size. These fish will be available for ordering by the trade from July 18. As the fish grow, it is expected that Kona Blue Water Farms will be able to increase harvests to a target of 25,000 pounds of fish per week by the end of the year.

"The wait is over. We are thrilled to be back," said Neil Anthony Sims, co-founder and VP, Research. "This new net pen configuration allows us to continue to fulfill the promise we made to our customers: to set new standards in providing delicious, sustainable, healthful fish. We appreciate our customers' patience during the lull in Kona Kampachi supplies." 

Ongoing monitoring around the Kona farm site continues to verify that the offshore operation results in no significant impact on the sand bottom beneath the net pens, and no measurable effect on water quality. 

"With a quarter of a million fish out there, you cannot tell the difference in water quality between upcurrent of the net pens and downcurrent of the net pens," said Sims.

"I am so excited to have the Kona Kampachi available again since it is the most delicious, buttery fish for ceviche," said Chris Leahy, executive chef of New York's BLT Prime. "I can make the most amazing dishes with this fish, no matter what I do to it. We've missed it and this is excellent news both for chefs and restaurant patrons."

Barton Seaver, sustainable seafood advocate, chef, writer and speaker, states, "Kona Kampachi is a tasty example of how talented people are making great strides in aquaculture sustainability. The fish is both produced in an environmentally sound way and is delicious on the plate. I look forward to the fish returning to market."

About Kona Blue Water Farms

Kona Blue Water Farms -- the first sustainable, integrated marine fish hatchery and open ocean mariculture operation in the United States -- breeds Kona Kampachi, a premium, versatile Hawaiian yellowtail endorsed by top chefs nationwide. Based in Kona, Hawaii, Kona Blue raises the fish in an on-shore hatchery, transferring fingerlings to submersible, offshore net-pens deep in the Pacific Ocean to grow to harvest size of more than four pounds. The sashimi-grade fish have no detectable amounts of mercury and are grown with no additives, genetic engineering or hormones.

Kona Kampachi softens our impact on the oceans: sustainable mariculture is around 60 times more efficient than targeting wild salmon, tuna or other fish at the top of the wild food chain. Since 2005, the company has produced over 2.7 million pounds of Kona Kampachi, continually striving to exemplify responsible open ocean mariculture with no significant environmental impacts and delivering delicious, sustainable, healthful seafood. For more information, visit www.kona-blue.com

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