Do You Know Where Your Emails Are? Evizone Secure Communications Service Enables Total Control of Private and Confidential Communications

Evizone Cures Email Immortality. Privacy Is Not Dead With Evizone.

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - June 7, 2010) - Who's been reading your confidential emails and documents without your knowledge? How many servers in what jurisdictions do your confidential communications reside on, and in how many backup drives or mobile devices? Who's been making and distributing copies and for what purposes? Were any copies left on a printer for all to see? What comments from employees oblivious to consequences are in your email servers and backups awaiting e-discovery? If the answers to these questions send shivers up your spine, Evizone Ltd.'s new communications service gives peace of mind by returning control back to you.

A subscription service, Evizone can be used to secure communications between not only individuals, but workgroups as well. In the time it takes to send yet another unsecured email, any user can instantly form a workgroup for the secure transmission and viewing of messages and documents. By simply selecting workgroup members and setting the access and retention periods which Evizone will automatically enforce, all workgroup communications can be secured. 

New Evizone subscribers can start communicating securely within 15 minutes of registering online at Evizone provides personal subscribers with a 30 day free trial of the service. The standard service is available at $24.95 per month per user with lower subscription rates available to large group accounts.

With Evizone, all emails and document attachments are secured and encrypted solely on dedicated Evizone servers, versus being spread across various computers and backup systems without the user's knowledge or control. Users view all Evizone communications on demand, and users have complete control over who can view their message and documents, and when. Once the retention period of an Evizone message or document expires, it is permanently deleted and no longer exists anywhere.

Evizone provides a fast, cost-effective solution for any private email-based conversations subject to regulatory requirements, legal privilege or that may become part of an e-discovery process -- whether it is a Board of Directors considering a new executive hire, an M&A team working on a corporate takeover, a medical team conducting a peer review or a legal team working on a patent application. Unlike conventional email, Evizone helps organizations to comply with requirements such as SEC, HIPAA and other regulations simply by using the service.

"Companies today are seeking ways of controlling business risk, reducing e-discovery costs and protecting business critical information," said Andy Coutts, Evizone's CEO. "We saw a large gap between the document encryption tools on one end and the directory-based virtual data room or deal room solutions on the other. None of these solutions address the broader unsecured email conversations that inevitably occur among workgroups."

Evizone's rich Internet client software for both PCs and Macs also prevents the use of print screen, screen capture and recording tools and web conferencing -- a significant failing of browser-based "private email" and data room/deal room solutions.

Chicago attorney Gregg Minkow stated, "For business today, the use of conventional email and document attachments can create a risk of large unfunded liabilities. Systems that increase control over confidential business communications, reduce the amount of information that has to be sifted through for e-discovery purposes, and automate compliance with an organization's document retention policies can reduce this risk and the cost of legal compliance."

The Evizone service for secure communications has many benefits:

  • Messages and documents are not communicated through conventional email service. There are no copies or traces of documents or messages within any email server, its backups or on users' computers.
  • Messages and documents can be withdrawn from view at any time, even while a recipient is viewing the content. The automated recording of access history notifies the sender as to who has read a withdrawn message, how many times and when.
  • Evizone automatically manages the life cycle handling of documents and messages. Since the documents and messages are only stored in the Evizone service, Evizone will automatically and permanently delete messages and documents when their user defined retention period expires. Once permanently deleted, a message or document no longer exists anywhere.
  • The secure, controlled Evizone environment ensures that there are no viruses, spam or other common email irritants. In addition, users' communications are automatically organized, improving the users control over their communications.

About Evizone Ltd.

Evizone is a unique service dedicated to restoring privacy and control to electronic communications. Evizone was created by four senior executives with collectively over 100 years of global business and technology experience with large public companies. For more information, please visit

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