New Sky Wins Clean Technologies and Sustainable Industries Organization's Utility Technology Challenge

BOULDER, CO--(Marketwire - June 17, 2010) -  New Sky Energy, Inc., a manufacturer of carbon-negative materials, has been named a winner of the Clean Technologies and Sustainable Industries Organization's (CTSI) Utility Technology Challenge (UTC).

The Utility Technology Challenge identifies and showcases the top technology solutions that can be adopted by utilities and municipalities, leading to more testing and pilot projects and faster adoption of clean technologies. The UTC review committee selected New Sky from more than 100 companies for distinction of 'Top Utility Technology.'

New Sky's proprietary chemical manufacturing technology scrubs CO2 from flue gas or ambient air, using the salts from agricultural, industrial and other waste as a feedstock.

"We are honored to have been selected one of the top solutions for utilities and municipalities," said Dr. Deane Little, founder of New Sky Energy. "New Sky's game-changing technology will bring real innovation to government and industry and we are excited to put it to work for businesses and consumers."

New Sky is currently working with Westlands Water District to develop an integrated drainage water treatment facility in California's Central Valley. The project combines conventional desalination technology with salt conversion technology developed by New Sky. The first phase of the project is projected to break ground later this year. 

When fully deployed, the $3.2 million project will desalinate approximately 240,000 gallons of drainage water per day and convert approximately five tons of waste brine salts into carbon neutral and carbon negative chemicals such as acid, caustic soda and solid carbonates like limestone and soda ash. In addition, the project will trap approximately 2.8 tons of CO2 daily.

 New Sky will present its technology in Anaheim, California on June 22 in conjunction with the annual Clean Technology 2010 Conference. For more information visit us at BOOTH 333 at the Clean Technology 2010 Conference.

About New Sky: Boulder, Colorado-based New Sky Energy is a carbon negative chemical manufacturing company that makes useful products out of carbon dioxide. A 2009 Cleantech Open winner, New Sky uses a proprietary capture process to scrub CO2 from the air or flue gas and converts it into safe, stable solids. These solids can in turn be incorporated into building materials, durable goods, fertilizers, and other manufactured products. New Sky's process is simple, sustainable chemistry, protected by nine US and international patent applications. New Sky's chemical inputs are waste salt, water and carbon dioxide; outputs are valuable carbon negative products -- smart chemistry for a cleaner planet. For more information, go to

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