Entrepreneur Andy Willoughby's 3 Step Plan Members Review Home Business Success

KANSAS CITY, MO--(Marketwire - July 1, 2010) - Despite what some people may think about network marketing, Entrepreneur Andy Willoughby's 3 Step Plan has assisted many people start and manage home businesses. Willoughby's members assess how the 3 Step Plan has offered them the financial freedom and flexible hours they have always desired.

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Denise and Rob Carver, members of the 3 Step Plan, reviewed the system. "Andy Willoughby's 3 Step Plan has changed our lives. My husband's income was our sole income for the past 20 years. But everything changed in 2007 when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and was unable to work. With Andy Willoughby's 3 Step Plan, we took control of our own finances. The 3 Step Plan is so simple and truly made for anyone to use. We started this almost three years ago and haven't looked back," said Denise Carver. 

For Patty Messer, a retired school teacher, octogenarian parent and mother to an adult special needs daughter, the 3 Step Plan has allowed her to manage her own schedule and finances. "Retirement means a fixed income, but the cost of living continues to rise. I am not able to work outside the house with specific hours. The 3 Step Plan gives me the freedom and flexibility to be able to work from home while taking care of my family. I am very grateful to Andy Willoughby for providing a method of advertising that is both rewarding and successful," Messer said.

David Gillispie added that the plan is reliable, easy to use and informational. "Andy Willoughby's 3 Step Plan has been advertised for several years, people recognize that it is a stable system. This system provides very useful training, support and tools that proved to be successful in building my home business," Gillispie said.

Willoughby is grateful to those who are successfully utilizing his 3 Step Plan. "I created this business system to give people the opportunity to have financial freedom, and at the same time, to not have their lives consumed by work," said Willoughby.

Learn more about Andy Willoughby's 3 Step Plan: http://www.3stepplan.com or http://andywilloughby.com.

Entrepreneur Andy Willoughby developed a program that strives to reach three important goals: to get at least one adult in the family back in the home full-time, help individuals get out of debt and improve overall quality of life. The 3 Step Plan is the one home business system that has survived the test of time. After nearly 10 years of helping families build home businesses, it is still going strong. Twitter @3stepplan

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