Kansas City Data Center & Internet Hub Reviews Disaster Recovery Tips

KANSAS CITY, MO--(Marketwire - July 8, 2010) -  The first hurricane of the season has come and gone. 1102 GRAND, Kansas City's Data Center and Midwestern Internet hub, released its disaster recovery tips for companies at risk for hurricanes and other disasters. Additionally, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting an extremely active 2010 hurricane season. 

Darren Bonawitz, co-owner of 1102 GRAND, said that coastal companies would be wise to consider a disaster recovery plan or start to develop a plan. "If NOAA's prediction is correct, you will be glad you made the investment. Unfortunately, memories fade as time passes and that means that the destruction from events such as Hurricane Katrina often are overshadowed by more recent events such as the economic turbulence which caused jobs and budgets to be slashed at many companies. Those companies and people directly affected by Katrina may find it more difficult to forget, but it is easier for those not directly impacted last time even though they are still at risk for future hurricane disasters," said Bonawitz.

Bonawitz also said what companies should know to prepare for a disaster. "There are many things to keep in mind for disaster recovery. Some important strategies include ensuring your disaster recovery plan is flexible and scalable, prioritizing recovery initiatives to meet company objectives and finally, disaster recovery is not 'set it and forget it,' so test regularly," said Bonawitz.

Bonawitz added, "It is important that the solution meets company requirements and budget. A semi-annual or annual requirement review should be scheduled. Documentation is vital. I advise companies to document, document and document some more," said Bonawitz.

1102 GRAND is a Midwestern carrier hotel and network neutral collocation facility specifically enhanced with the infrastructure to host and provide services to an array of global network operators including carriers, service providers and enterprise customers who demand highly secure and connected, customized solutions for their core networking equipment. 1102 GRAND offers a wide array of collocation options including cabinets, cage space, suites and space for private data centers, all of which are connected to a carrier neutral Meet Me Room, housing carriers and service providers including AT&T, Level (3), Verizon Business, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communication, and Qwest (http://1102grand.com/blog/).

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