VenueGen Announces New Enterprise Collaboration Capability for Its 3D Web Conferencing Platform

VenueGen Releases the First Multi-Dimensional Platform for Web Collaboration

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC--(Marketwire - July 21, 2010) - RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC VenueGen ( today announced a major new release of its 3D virtual meeting and training platform, targeted at the enterprise collaboration market. The new release is similar to using a TelePresence room, but features the pricing, accessibility and practical usability of a browser-based web conferencing tool. 

"Using VenueGen's 3D meeting platform is like stepping into the new world of online meetings," stated Marc Beattie, Managing Director of Wainhouse Research. "It's difficult to overstate what VenueGen has accomplished here," Beattie continued, "by combining the impact of web conferencing, TelePresence, and a high-fidelity audio conference, VenueGen has developed the next standard for online meetings, events and trainings."  

For the first time, online collaborators who do not have expensive TelePresence rooms can have a similar experience seeing content and other attendees simultaneously. They are able to see who is speaking and to whom each comment is directed while they use laser pointers and other tools. Unlike any 2D conferencing products available today, VenueGen's new 3D venues provide unlimited space for spreading out content. The new release empowers multiple collaborators to share multiple content windows bi-directionally, at the same time. Please find the product comparison chart here

"With over a million lines of software code, this is the first major innovation the web conferencing industry has seen in over a decade," said VenueGen CEO, David Gardner. "Trying to collaborate with current 2D web conferencing tools is like trying to view content through a straw."

In addition to the advancements in screen sharing, VenueGen has introduced an alternative architecture for collaboration that avoids the bandwidth limitations of screen sharing altogether by distributing content to virtual attendees so as to have it running locally but be controlled centrally. 

Gardner continues, "VenueGen is not only a more powerful collaboration tool -- it is also far more engaging, personal, and natural to use." Caroline Avery, Vice President at ACS (Xerox), agreed, "My team confirmed that they do feel a sense of presence when they are looking at documents together in the 3D setting. This immersive feeling is stronger than when they only review documents via WebEx... and this immersion does contribute to a more productive working environment."

The new release positions VenueGen as a serious alternative to traditional web conferencing and collaboration tools like WebEx® and GotoMeeting®. Subscriptions for unlimited virtual meetings start as low as $90 per month. To see the video click:
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VenueGen is a privately held company based in Research Triangle Park, NC. VenueGen is a browser-based 3D immersive Internet meeting platform where business colleagues meet, collaborate, share and present information in board rooms, training rooms, and meeting halls. Users simply select a 3D meeting room, and instantly enter a virtual room with directional voice where they can hear colleagues in surround sound around the room! Engaged, active and immersed attendees communicate, make decisions, learn faster, and are more productive than with online meeting alternatives. No more boring conference calls, no more travel, and no more expensive, complex video conference systems. VenueGen is "Business Ready". VenueGen is based in Research Triangle Park, NC. To view a VenueGen demo or create a free account, please visit

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